Was Hillary’s Henchman Feeding Questions To the Press?


As Hillary was making her retreat from the final debate on her campaign jet, she stepped to the back of the plane to grant a little “impromptu” presser with reporters.  Only it doesn’t look at all spontaneous when you watch the guy with the tie to her right, Nick Merrill, apparently signal to the members of the press what questions to ask.


The whole thing comes to a sudden end when Fox New’s Jennifer Griffin, who apparently wasn’t in on the arrangement, asks a question her highness didn’t appreciate.


7 Comments on Was Hillary’s Henchman Feeding Questions To the Press?

  1. Russia had phoney baloney Potemkin Villages.

    We’re stuck with a phoney baloney Potemkin Press.

  2. They don’t care that we see. They don’t care what we think. She had a TelePrompTer in her podium which they’ll be bragging about next Spring if she wins. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

  3. she was asked at the beginning if SHE would accept the result. SHE DID NOT ANSWER THE QUESTION!!!! SHE STILL HASN’T ANSWERED THE QUESTION!!!!!

    An added benefit should he win is to see if THEY accept the outcome WITHOUT QUESTION. When they contest, and they will, I would expect Trump to throttle them about such a hypocritical stance.

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