Was It Mika’s “Intent” to Say You’re Stupid? – IOTW Report

17 Comments on Was It Mika’s “Intent” to Say You’re Stupid?

  1. Somebodys copying somebody . . .
    That sounds just like Karl Rove on FOX.

  2. Do you get a bowl of soup with Dhimmicrats on a roll?

  3. IF you could put Time in a Bottle

    IT would be like This

  4. She should pay attention to “It’s better to remain silent and be thought a fool, then to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

    There is one big glaring difference that even most of the Republicans and RINOS questioned do get, like anyone who is not totally a fool gets, Trump was President, a President can declassify anything and everything and it is not against the law for him to remove classified documents. A VP can not declassify anything and it is against the law for him to remove classified documents, the same if a congressman, SOS or anyone else in government with security clearance takes classified documents home with them.
    So they have no argument that Biden is President now, he was not President when he removed these classified documents.

    I will stick to my opinion though that ‘Ol Joe is no longer needed and that is why these documents have suddenly been found.

  5. She’s as big a clown as Joy Behar and AOC.

  6. Don’t forget who her father was. She’s just acting like a good little communist.

  7. This whole thing is simple:

    Trump, as President, can declass ANYTHING – even at a moment’s notice.

    Biden, as vice president, can’t declass anything – ever.

  8. The reason this country is a dumpster fire right now is due to the stupidity of Democrats voters.

  9. I’ll bet she had the suicide jab before it was mandatory. Up to date on all the boosters too. And we’re stupid?

  10. The point is to sow doubt, bluster, and bullshit among the proles.

    Consider who listens to these two maggots in the first place – certainly not people who’re thoughtful about politics – only morons, barking and clapping seals, slap-heads, imbeciles, and RINOs.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  11. Not the first time she’s called anyone who isn’t part of the Borg-ish hive mind of the left.
    ORWW is right. She should stay silent.
    She’s so dumb.
    Joe S isn’t much better. The “6th Day” clone escapee is just a phony who says anything it takes to keep his job.

  12. It’s funny watching the (Dem) media twist itself into pretzels trying to excuse Biden for doing something so much worse than what Trump is accused of, and the Biden story is only getting worse every day that passes.

  13. Simple difference, Biden gets a pass, Trump does not.

  14. What’s truly “stupid” is trying to compare Trump to Biden!
    That would be a comparison of opposites –
    Success vs Complete Failure
    Smart vs a life-long imbecile
    Clean vs Filthy
    Beloved father vs a dirty scumbucket who pimps out his own son.
    Accomplished children vs degenerates
    Aaaaaaannd when it comes to crime, it’s nothing but one false accusation after another with nothing to show for it Vs the Biden Crime family who enjoys the cover of the Media and crooked as a dog’s hind leg judges… but more to that point is what Trump did was legal because he was President. Jackass Joe was Vice President when he took classified documents. VPs DO NOT enjoy the same privileges as Presidents, yet the Complicit, Bought & Paid For, Knee-Pad Media don’t like mentioning that fact! A FACT that makes all the difference in the world!! Moaning Joe and the Afternoon Ho don’t want to talk about FACTS!

  15. Oh and that comment about Republicans aren’t smart enough is the same broad brush that racists use!
    Let’s just lump them all into one big group and shit all over them… cuz it’s the job of the press today to Jim Crow the hell out of things!

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  17. Why do I hear her? Why is she talking?
    Who took the penis out of her mouth?

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