Was The Switch Thrown In States Across The Nation?

The Gateway Pundit published an independent analysis of all the votes that were electronically deducted from Donald Trump and either given to Joe Biden or deleted altogether.

The conclusion, the switching was done in multiple states and may have affected over 500,000 votes moving from one candidate to the other while an additional 250,000+ were deleted altogether. Here

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  1. That wuz no switch. That wuz a Fraud Flood Gate that wuz thrown open!!!
    The demented crook that didn’t leave his basement “won” the election.
    Sure… choke, chortle, snort, wheeze, fart, vomit!

  2. If we had a functional, fair, honest justice department they would be all over this for Americans and America. Too bad they went bad and rotted out.

  3. The lie we are being asked to swallow defies credibility, and the technical contortions are galling and patently obvious. Obama must be burning up inside having to swallow the narrative that Biden got more votes than him. I don’t think Barky can keep it together for much longer, and it might be the undoing of the Big Steal.

    I notice the Legacy Media has quit talking about it, and it will probably be blocked as misinformation on Social Media soon. But Obama’s ego requires that everyone be aware that the results are phony, even as his party needs us to accept the results as true. I see trouble ahead for the narrative.

  4. When they say 148,923,734 was record voter turnout, they really mean 151,789,491 after adding back 2,865,757 “lost” votes.

    Way to silence nearly 2% of all voters.

    I mean, how many races have been won in the past within a 2% margin?

    Free and fair my ass.

  5. C’mon, man. Clearly it was Joe Biden’s popularity that carried Obama over the finish line in 2008 and 2012.
    Most. Votes. Ever!!!

  6. Someone should examine the code running in those machines to see what part of it caused the “glitch” to change the votes and if it was the same as the code initially released to run on them by Dominion.

    That is how you would know if it was a hack, or an intended built in feature waiting to be used when needed, or something else.

    Should be fairly easy to do, so easy even a coal miner could do it.

  7. WHat can be done about this? Seriously. What is the end game? Even if people are found have committed this fraud, and are sent to prison, the results of the election will stand and BIden will be president until approximately April 1 when he will be forced from office due to his ‘failing health’.

    We will not get a re-do of the election before the expiration of Trump’s term. it is done. Over.

    And there won’t be a civil war, either. Too many people are not willing to lose what they have for the cause.

    Sorry to be such a Negative Nancy but i just don’t see how the path can be changed.

    I feel badly for all of our children who have alot longer to live with this crap than i do.

  8. They all got their hands caught in the cookie jar and now they’re trying to lie their way out of it. Predetermined software features are called “glitches”, but for some reason all the “glitches” resulted in votes being moved from column ‘R’ to column ‘D’, and they occurred with precise regularity. That’s not the definition of a glitch.

    Look at the story defended by the WAPO about the USPS poll observer “recanting” his story. That’s not even close to someone just getting it wrong — it’s a vigorously defended lie.

    From sea to shining sea, The Media (All hail The Media!) have been in on this coup from the very beginning, with their most strenuous efforts to-date focused on the 2020 GE, from covering up for Biden to calling/not calling states to skew the turnout, the vote and the results. It’s been like watching people try to affix ‘sticky notes’ with no sticky on the back of the paper!

  9. Just curious, and I think I know the answer, but I wonder if there was any instances of votes anywhere that were switched from Trump to Biden, or votes dropped from Biden’s total?… Yeah, I didn’t think so.

  10. @adolfer — The whole aim of POTUS Trump’s lawsuits against various states/counties is to compel legal auditing, recount and/or nullification of illegal ballots, to uncover election fraud and to force the truth of the vote. Until those suits have made their way through the legal system, those states/counties cannot declare a win by anyone. So you see, there are ways — many ways — to thwart this election fraud and the premature declaration by The Media. Nothing has been certified. There is plenty of info from conservative sources all over the internets that explain all this.

  11. @trf: “choke, chortle, snort, wheeze, fart, vomit!”

    if you cough, fart, burp, sneeze and vomit at the same time, you will die.
    unless you have your mask on

  12. Wisconsin is going to force townships to pay upwards of $18,000 for new tabulation machines that capture your ballot and records your vote. I didn’t get a chance to note the manufacturer of the new machine that turned up at our town hall on election day, but it sure looked a lot like this contraption.


    The old machine was touch screen and when you had completed your ballot it would print up a paper tape for you to review and verify that the ballot had been filled out the way you had intended. This new machine you feed your ballot into the slot and it disappears, no verification, no chance to double check, just whirrr! and its gone. I didn’t like it then and I’m hating it now.

  13. Fakebook, Twitter, and Google, need to be treated like terrorist organizations, and have all their assets seized or frozen.
    May as well do the same for big medical, insurance, and pharmaceuticals.
    Enough funds could be seized to pay off the national debt, or at least make a big dent. Make the companies that have benefited the most from Dem legislation pay back their ill-gotten gains.
    Wouldn’t it be great to see the Obamas and the Clintons applying for welfare or living in their private cardboard boxes.

  14. Dr. Tar — Yup. And for mail-in voters, there’s no way to know if your vote was recorded accurately. They pacify you with an online tracking system that lets you know they received it and recorded it, but no way to know if your vote actually went to the people for whom you voted. I remember the touch machines and their voting receipt, too.

    The more separation voting officials make between us and our vote, the greater the likelihood of fraud.

  15. Last weekend Sidney Powell said there was a likelihood 3 percent fo the vote total was changed in pre-election counting. If they can prove this there may be real trouble for the election results. Meanwhile these lunatics in dem states are still finding ballots and saying Biden now up 5 million! Right. This is the street fight they wrote about in their coup documents last summer.


  16. And — Did anyone else see the story about mail-in votes that were counted for Biden BEFORE the date they were mailed out?! Additionally, mail-ins were counted for him on the date they were mailed and within a day or two (at most) when they were mailed! If I find the link, I’ll post it.

  17. No more early voting and no more votes that come in after the election. That’s a good start. And move the slate of federal candidates off local races/ballots.

  18. AA,

    I get exposing the corruption. As a PA resident I am thoroughly disgusted with our alleged leadership. Our state is quickly becoming a joke to those of us who abide by the laws and try to live our lives correctly. I have said many times that I hate people. This is exactly why. Corruption from the D’s, whiney objection from the R’s that leads to capitulation and surrender.

    I don’t see it getting fixed prior to the end of the term. i am not a Constitutional scholar so i do not know if there are remedies for this in the document. If there are not it would seem that we are headed for the most serious political crisis in our history.

    I would wager an adult beverage with you that enough of the courts will dismiss the lawsuits and Biden is inaugurated January 20. If that happens God help us all.

  19. @Adolfer — I understand, but until the election is certified, there is time and resources to unearth the fraud. The RNC alone, for example, claims they have over 500 sworn afidavits on 11,000 reports of suspected fraud. PA isn’t the only state involved at this point. And, as you know, it took 37 days for Broward county, FL, to resolve the hanging chad suit brought by the Bush campaign. We’re only a week out from widespread and very credible reports of vote tampering, computer tampering, polling violations, counting violations, and all the rest. I guess my only advice is to be patient and pray to God Almighty for Divine justice.

    Despite specific language in the Constitution regarding vote fraud, each state has its own laws concerning the subject, which is why we’ve been so alarmed and upset by blue states allowing all sorts of extra-legal voting. This subject will have to also make its way through the courts until it reaches SCOTUS.


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