Was Veselnitskaya Attempting To Bug Trump Tower?

Veselnitskaya was never, ever going to help out the Trump campaign. Her social media reveals that she hated Trump.

She was an Obamaphile.

Getting interesting.

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  1. When the First post showed up here earlier, I thought no way is a Female Russian Spy thing happening right in front of our Faces. But Leave it to Obama , to Put a Movie Plot out there ! If they Had the presidency , they’d have Used it to say we’re crazy Conspiracy Theorists !!!

  2. It would be pretty funny if it turned out she was clandestinely working for Hillary’s campaign at the time.

  3. She was the excuse, the suspect foreign national, used to obtain the FISA warrant used against Trump, et al.

  4. This makes me a little sick to my stomach. No one in Trump’s campaign even bothered to check out her FB???!! That is beyond hard to believe, but if true then it was worse than a rookie campaign mistake. Did DJTjr say that Bannon was in the room the whole time — texting/emailing? Of all people, he should have smelled a rat.

  5. AA,
    Remember, this was before any of the Russia Phobia shit started. Also they were conducting themselves as business men. Not Politicians. Within in the last hour lots of new breaking news on this. Check out Drudge

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