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Wash Post Demonstrates It Is The ‘American Idiot’

In a piece that included cited material on the inspiration for Green Day’s “American Idiot,” the Washington Post used Clickhole, a satirical website owned by The Onion. The paper apologized and removed the fake material after taking a considerable amount of criticism from readers. More

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  1. As it becomes apparent that there are no legal consequences for Fake News, the journos are getting more ridiculous and libelous everyday. They know that the lies are blared over the megaphone, and the corrections/retractions are buried in a shallow grave in the desert.

    Like Scott Adams says, we and they are watching two different movies.

  2. Grew up outside DC and this was our family’s “Paper of Record”. Never read it, except for the comics and Parade Magazine. Just after Clinton was elected, Parade Magazine’s front page was a photo of the White House lawn littered with used cars with “FOR SALE” signs. The article eluded to the phony “Dirt Rhode Scholar” making deals to the world for his acceptance of legitimacy. That was 4 years before giving North Korea nuclear deign and materials. And 6 years before the knowledge that Monica had inhaled. Fast forward to Jeff Bezos. Now the National Enquirer is a more reliable news source. Wapo is nothing more than a leftist emotional opinion rag of dis/mis information with not contact writers but “contract” writers. I wish I kept that issue of Parade Magazine. The image alone foretelling the future is priceless.

  3. They don’t care about legal consequences, But we can make them suffer Financial consequences. Don’t watch them. Don’t patronize their sponsors.
    They can stand being sued, but like all deluded and narcissistic fools, they can’t stand being IGNORED.


    The Post has been the mouth for KGP propaganda for over 70 years. Lived in Alexandria from 49 – 52. It was THEpaper. Pogo was honest and usually fun. “lil Abner almost always honest; always funny. They had the Chutzpah to call their propaganda “news”. Like 2 ronny hating life they called “Republican” for decades!

    I basically read only “the funnies” after ’50! This is another reason I made a good choice.


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