Wash. Your. Hands.

Fecal transmission may be responsible for coronavirus’s rapid spread.

SNIP: Coronavirus or not. Why does anyone have to remind people to wash their hands after they wipe their buttigieg?


The novel coronavirus is shed in the feces of infected people, which may help explain why it’s spread so fast, according to Chinese researchers.

The finding of live virus particles in stool specimens indicates a fecal-oral route for coronavirus, which may be why it’s caused outbreaks on cruise ships with an intensity often seen with gastro-causing norovirus, which also spreads along that pathway. More than 600 Covid-19 infections were confirmed among passengers and crew aboard the Diamond Princess, the ship quarantined for two weeks in Yokohama, Japan.

“This virus has many routes of transmission, which can partially explain” its rapid spread, the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention said in a report Saturday.

The agency recommends strengthening sanitation and hygiene measures to prevent fecal-oral transmission in epidemic area. These include drinking boiled water, avoiding eating raw food, implementing separate meal systems, frequent hand-washing, disinfecting toilets, and preventing water and food contamination from patients’ stool. read more

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  1. “Coronavirus or not. Why does anyone have to remind people to wash their hands after they wipe their buttigieg?”

    Well MJA. Petey B doesn’t need to wash his hands because bleach kills all germs!

  2. …do this. You’ll be fine.

    “Recommendations for Prevention of HIV Transmission in Health-Care Settings,” which recommended that blood and body fluid precautions be used for all patients, regardless of their infection status. Prior to this, blood and body fluid precautions were only recommended when a patient was known or suspected to be infected with a bloodborne pathogen. Universal precautions include:

    Using disposable gloves and other protective barriers while examining all patients and while handling needles, scalpels, and other sharp instruments.
    Washing hands and other skin surfaces that are contaminated with blood or body fluids immediately after a procedure or examination.
    Changing gloves between patients and never reusing gloves.”


  3. I see it every day at work. Some guys come out of the stalls and just walk out of the bathroom. Others will rinse their hands and use no soap at all…sick f***s Believe me, I mentally noted all of the gross assholes and will never shake their hands or take any food/treats offered by them.

  4. So, they’re saying fecal – digital – oral?

    And what about fecal – airborne – inhaled?

    Do I need an OBA in public restrooms?

    (Buttigieg has to worry about penile – fecal – digital – oral – up the kazoo.)

  5. Those ‘wash your hands’ reminders are targeted to democrats, who ignore them.
    Republicans already know this because we aren’t stupid.

  6. If I wash my hands for less than 25-30 seconds I feel like I half assed it (apparently a full minute is required).

    I see so many wash their hands for BARELY 10 seconds. Ugh.

  7. so nose goblins are ok?

    before going out of the bathroom, I always open the bathroom door w/ a paper towel. no towel? get toilet paper

    ever notice in restaurants how many of the wait staff pick up 3-4 glasses at a time? … by putting their fingers in the glasses & grabbing the bunch … & right before they hand you your check … yeah, think about it

    … & be careful w/ those gross menus … bon apetit

  8. …a!!ah says the Muzzies that work in my FOOD PLANT have to wash their ding-dings after going potty, SO they use the URINAL water for that by scooping it by HAND, then consider it to be their HAND washing too, so back out on the line they go…

    …and no, the regulatory agencies DON’T want to hear about it. Seens THEY’RE afraid of Muzzies,TOO…

  9. Was on a Southwest flight a few months ago. The guy one row in front across from me caught my attention because he was intensely biting his nails. Like to the point all his nails were bleeding. Then, he started sucking the blood off them. This went on the whole flight. A few times, he thumbed through the magazines and pamphlets with his disgusting, bloody fingers, then went right back to biting them.

    Only time I felt like I needed the flight-sickness bag.

    FEBRUARY 26, 2020 AT 9:18 PM

    “ever notice in restaurants…”

    …how nasty the MENUS are? You usually get free samples on them, they NEVER get washed, and you’re putting YOUR hands where the LAST guy did after picking his nose and scratching his crotch..

    …also, they ALL have “grinder” salt shakers now, so you have to really handle the salt shaker with BOTH hands, JUST LIKE THE LAST GUY DID.

    Ever seen a restaurant WASH their salt shakers?

    …think about it…

  11. At restaurants, I always worry about who was the last person to handle the salt shaker or syrup bottle. I also love it when the busboy/girl uses a dish rag to wipe off the seats in the booth, THEN wipes off the table. If I had my way, I would NEVER eat at a restaurant, but I am married.

  12. And Lysol kills it. Sure, they haven’t officially tested it on the current coronavirus variant, but this is not some hollywood mutant hyper-virus. Its just a little different than the previous coronaviruses.

    But yes, wash your hands. And keep them out of your mouth. And San Francisco. I don’t want to hear a f—king word from you, Nancy Pelosi, about any of this.

  13. Yesterday I observed a millennial leave the library and blast two snot rockets on the sidewalk and then wipe his hands on his pants.

    Also, the NY liberal carpetbagger that runs my office recently blasted out of a stall and out the door to the men’s room as i was washing my hands. Incidentally, his office is a pig sty.

  14. PHenry
    FEBRUARY 26, 2020 AT 9:36 PM
    “Yesterday I observed a millennial leave the library and blast two snot rockets on the sidewalk and then wipe his hands on his pants.”

    …the aforementioned Muzzies at the food plant are reportedly under a Mohammedan injunction to clear all their orifices before prayers too, which they accomplish by going to the sink, huffing water, then blowing boogers all over the sink and walls, then they leave them to dry wherever they adhere.

    The Company, like the Government, is aftaid of its Islamics, so they responded to the other POCs like the American Blacks, the Cambodians and the Hispanics among others complaining about it by putting touchless controls on the sinks, so at least you don’t have to touch a boogery handle to wash your OWN hands any more.

    ..they could GIVE less of a shit what their few remaining White employees think…

  15. @Tony R ~ yes, I’m married too … we go out to restaurants practically every weekday & I’ve become quite the connoisseur on children’s finger-painted wall art.

    She Who Must Be Obeyed brings in hand-sanitizer & Clorox wipes … we keep a canister of them in both our vehicles glove boxes & use them frequently

  16. In order to completely escape infection by Coronavirus you should stay indoors at all times and avoid other human contact. Become Vegan and consume only vegetables you have grown in your own garden, as well as rainwater you have collected for drinking. Do not answer your door. If mail is delivered, pick it up with stainless steel tongs and burn it in your back yard BBQ pit.

    These measures may seem drastic but better safe than sorry, I always say.

  17. I buy gallons jugs of a product called Odo Ban at my Home Depot that is a very effective disinfectant and comes in several different scents. I use it mostly when I clean the cats litter boxes but the label states that its effective against Strep, E.Coli,Staph,HIV-1(Aids),InfluenzaA/Hong Kong and Herpes Simplex2. Its good stuff and pleasantly scented. A little over $10 a gallon. Its also concentrated so you mix it with water according to the label for the purpose you intend to use it for. The gallon jug goes a long ways. You can also spray furniture, drapes etc like a febreeze product.

  18. As a side note, DO NOT clean cats litter boxes with Pine Sol or Pine products. Can be very toxic towards animals.

  19. …BTW, in places that cater to large populations of Turd Worlders, they have to put a box for used toilet paper in the pooper, or else the aliens will just throw it on the floor since they are condiioned to not fluah it into the horrible septic systems back home…

  20. …also, be aware thatx when you see a toilet paper roll in a public bathroom with a red dot in it, that’s probably where a heroin addict plunged his used needle into it to “clean” it, thus spreading his bloodyness the full thickness of the roll…

  21. One of our family traditions is to go to the Western Washington State Fair (aka The Puyallup Fair) every fall. It wasn’t until we had a child along with us that Geoff C. and I became familiar with the hand washing station they have set up to show how dirty your hands are. Even after washing, the UV light would show all the stuff that got left. You have to scrub up like a surgeon to rid your hands of all the crud. Something to keep in mind.

    I was never too worried about most common germs until the past few years. I was probably more concerned about having a whimpy immune system from too much hand sanitizer and antibiotics. Now, though, there are too many public places that are contaminated by human waste and whatever the local drug addicts are carrying around with them.

  22. Supernightshade FEBRUARY 26, 2020 AT 9:36 PM
    Saint Peter of the Blessed Shitlips
    FEBRUARY 26, 2020 AT 8:58 PM
    “But the sign said only employees need to wash their hands.”

    …note the sign over the urinals in the center bottom panel…

    AND the cartoon on the upper right corner….

  23. Decades ago went to Captain Bob’s Seafood. An Asian guy thought it was OK to sit at his table after eating lunch for at least 10 minutes and loudly for all to hear him hack up a bunch of lungers, spitting them into his tea cup.
    Good Times,
    thanks for the forgotten years,
    you sick IOTW bunch!
    Love ya’ all.

  24. At restaurants I…oh wait, I don’t trust anyone to make my food for me and haven’t eaten out for many years. Now on top of that, they look to be great places to avoid because of the ease of transmission.

    If need be, I can hole up here for a year. It’s no way to live but considering the alternative…

  25. …people eating in restaurants can be pretty down for the cause, too. They PAID for it, by God, they’re EATING it!

    …there was this one time my Squad got called to a choking victim at a Red Lobster, and of COURSE the table was in the geographic CENTER of the dining room. The guy was barely moving enough air to be alive, and was unresponsive to the Heimlich or back blows (those were the things then, applied by both restaurant staff and us, but I don’t think they call the Heimlich that any more), but deteriorated while we were on-scene so we had to go a bit further. We had him down on the floor between tables, but the couple at the next table, instead of leaving or looking away, just had the one on OUR side of the table move around to the OTHER side, plate and all, and they sat there looking at the show like it was a frigging basketball game and they were in the bleachers, and kept on eatin.

    …We did finger sweeps, which ususally isn’t great to do with a fully conscious patient if you want to keep your fingers but is faster than trying to visualize and is good for a first attempt, and got lucky and got ahold of some piece of one of Poseidon’s children, and yanked it out. It was kind of long and rubbery, maybe a bit of a grilled fillet or something, and was pretty slimy from the spit and mucous and all, and the guy started breathing, then horking because of all the foregoing, so we turned him to spray under the table and not aspirate it prior to packaging and moving out.

    And NO ONE LEFT.


    …I mean, I had other things to do so didn’t really evaluate the crowd that closely, but at a glance, some wincing and gagging was probably the most I saw, but forks kept moving and conversaters kept conversating, although their was a brief round of applause when the guy became more animate even though it was to barf.

    And it wasn’t like it didn’t SMELL like barf, either, super FISHY barf, but the place was PACKED, so there wasn’t another table anyone could move to. Maybe they asked for “GO” boxes or something, but wasn’t no one MOVING. Perhaps the fact the place had a liquor license and the table was close to the in-restaurant bar helped, I don’t know.

    Even after we packaged the guy on the cot on oxygen and started rolling him out, we had to ASK folks to get out of the way, because the tables were pretty close together. No one seemed to have the spontaneous sense to MOVE out of the way of the guy who almost recently died eating the same thing THEY were or his panicky wife, ’cause those cheezy biscuits were to DIE for, I suppose, although personally I found that the smell of cheezy biscuits went pretty BADLY with fish barf, and believe ME, I’ve smelled a LOT of barf in MY time, and this was pretty close to BLOOD barf for sheer odoriferousness…

    …I don’t know what happened with the barf under the table. Cleanup wasn’t MY job.

    I hope someone cleaned it up before they seated the next guy, though.

    But given what I know about Red Lobster, I never COULD be sure…

  26. Charlie WalksonWater FEBRUARY 26, 2020 AT 11:57 PM

    A Saul Goodman episode had a nut burger that hid in his house.


    That’s Saul’s brother and his condition/situation plays a major part in the Saul Goodman storyline.

  27. Just be sure not to use the air driers in the rest rooms. They take in air from the room (which contains fecal matter) and spray it on your hands. Additionally, the warm hand drier is a great place to grow even more bacteria! You are actually better off not washing your hands than using an air drier.


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