Washington Area Lefty Journalist Is Now Living Out Of His Car


DCRTV.com founder and editor Dave Hughes, one of the most obnoxious bloggers in the Washington area, is now living out of his car.

“Living in my car in the parking lot of the Rehoboth Beach Wal-Mart,” Hughes announced Wednesday on Facebook. “Walking distance to the ‘world’s biggest liquor store,’ a Taco Bell, and a Wendys. Life is good!”

Hughes, with his characteristically bizarre beard that hangs from his chin in a thatch of unkempt silver fuzz, is supposed to close on a condo in Virginia in a few days to give him some financial relief. What happens there will determine his immediate future.  MORE

13 Comments on Washington Area Lefty Journalist Is Now Living Out Of His Car

  1. Maryland, lib state extraordinaire. But I’m pretty sure whoever buys his condo will aim to score it at the lowest possible price, while he wants the highest possible.

  2. I imagine he hates Walmart but doesn’t mind Walmart while he is sponging off of them stinking up their parking lot and store.

  3. I don’t know this guy (probably a good thing) but this sounds kinda gay. Rehoboth is after all the Mid-Atlantic counterpart to Key West and Charlotte Amalie.

  4. DCRTV.com? Not even gonna click it to give him a hit.

    Another statistic waiting in line to be in the paper.

  5. This should happen to all “lefty journalists.” Let them live in the real world for a change, away from their gated communities and ivory towers with walls and fences. Let them deal on a daily basis with illegals and blm and gov’t regs ruling them 24/7.

  6. I hope his rusted-out shitbox gets towed. Then he can go live in the bus station with all the other piss-smelling Democrat bums.

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