Washington: Armed Antifa storm lobby, occupy Red Lion Hotel in Olympia

Citizen Free Press-

On Sunday, a group of homelessness activists who dressed up in Antifa-style black bloc, armed with batons and knives, entered the lobby of the Red Lion Hotel in Olympia, Wash., demanding the hotel open rooms for homeless people. Antifa agitators allegedly assaulted an employee while other employees hid in a basement room for more than six hours. The police eventually secured the hotel, but in the skirmish, agitators chanted, “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon,” a death threat against cops. more

13 Comments on Washington: Armed Antifa storm lobby, occupy Red Lion Hotel in Olympia

  1. They probably have to sign contracts and they are given scripts, when JoeBlowMe and Kamalatoe bailed them out of jail.

  2. One of these days these assholes are going to run into a gunslinger that has developed a natural point of aim and knows how to transition. Translation, there’s going to be about thirty of the dead from head shots.

  3. They keep practicing and honing their urban warfare skills, and we have to expend our energy on the scumbag rats infesting the GOP.

  4. The whole state will soon be the first American jihadi ANTIFA state.

    I am thinking the people of Washington and Oregon must want it, because they ‘hide in the basement”!

    Next the capitulating citizens who VOTED THIS HELL UPON THEMSELVES, will FLEE!!!

    Just as the refugees running from the jihadi in 3rd world areas.

    away from their own homes, 3rd world countries that won’t fight for themselves. Oh wait, China Joe now has AMERICAN troops in DC! What’s next, Joe, forcing citizens to house and feed them, because YOU WON’T?

    As to you basement retreaters: STAY in your basements, you handwringing, chickeshit, “care for the oppressed”, COMMUNIST, political leanings in the state you have created—-welcome to hell.


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