Washington Hiker Breaks Leg, Crawls For 8 Hours To Find Cell Service

KFI: A trail runner in Washington State is lucky to be alive after breaking his ankle while hiking in a remote area in Olympic National Park. 26-year-old Joseph Oldendorf was about ten miles from the trailhead when he slipped and fell on a patch of ice. He snapped his tibia about three inches above his ankle. Unable to walk or call for help, Oldendorf was forced to crawl on his hands and knees through the rocky terrain. WATCH

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  1. I can understand the enjoyment of running and hiking in the wilderness. But doing it alone, what if you fall and break a leg?

  2. Used to hike often in my younger days but always heeded the advice of some old hunters who told me never go without food you won’t need, water you won’t drink and fire starting materials.

  3. Another case for gun ownership

    Alone, in the woods, no cell sevice.

    Centralized police-state can’t help you there buddy.

  4. lemme see … running on a cold, rocky, icy trail (so icy he couldn’t hop for a while after the incident), 10 miles from nowhere … in shorts!!! … evidently w/ nothing to fabricate a crutch … even a freaking pen-knife (MacGyver would’ve pulled his nose ring out & fashioned one w/ it)

    yeah … what could go wrong?

    then again, we’re all invulnerable at 26 … even hipster doufus’

  5. Almost as tough a situation as the guy (Aron Ralston) in Utah 17 years ago that had to resort to cutting off his arm after it was pinned by a falling stone. I think there was a book and movie made about his ordeal, 123 hours or something was the title.

  6. No sweat. The Wonderful 5G of the future will give you “four bars” with your phone turned off everywhere in America.

  7. I used to elk hunt alone in some pretty remote areas. I was always prepared for most anything. I don’t do that any more because I’m not getting any younger. Sixty-six next Monday.

  8. I’ve hiked that trail a few times and it’s no place to be by yourself in the winter.
    I hope he’s going to recover and nobody else was hurt getting him out of there.
    Perhaps a big lesson learned here.

  9. He was in a national park- he’s lucky-blessed- to be okay.

    Maybe I watched too many of those national park missing persons without a trace stories- I just know that I would never ever to for a hike in one alone.

  10. If you absolutely have to hike the back country alone, it’s recommended you at least let someone know where you’ll be and when expected back, if for no other reason than a starting place to recover your remains.

  11. Back in the 19th Century a trapper or a miner in the west was attacked by Indians and left for dead. He wasn’t dead, but he couldn’t walk anymore, so he crawled near 1000 miles to a town where he got patched up. I can’t remember his name, the year it happened or any other details, but it happened.


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