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Washington Monument Vandalized


The National Park Service says it’s hopeful it can remove red paint splattered on the Washington Monument in an act of vandalism but is concerned the incident might leave a mark on the structure’s surface.

The U.S. Park Police on Tuesday said they arrested a man accused of using red paint to scrawl a lewd message on the national landmark and sloshed a large amount beside the words. Now the Parks Service says teams will be acting quickly to prevent the red paint from setting into the permeable surface of the monument. More

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  1. I will put up $100 against anyone who thinks this perp is an ‘extreme MAGA’

    If you win, I will put the $100 to your favorite charity. If I win, you will donate $100 to Step Denver.

    any takers?

  2. So they caught the POS who did it, but we don’t get to know his name. One guy did more damage than all the so-called 1/6 “insurgents”.

  3. If it becomes permanent, install a plaque close to the damage and describe in detail what happened to the perp afterwords – maybe add a few pictures as well.

  4. When they catch him, do a Vlad Dracul on him…. impale the bastard on the pointed tip of the monument, 555 feet up…to teach him a lesson.

  5. Paint this #ucker red all over. (For best adhesion, apply self- etching primer first.) Two coats ought to do it.
    Let him dry in the sun.

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  7. @Different Tim — I like the concept, but I’d be worried about replacing the paint stains with blood stains. Maybe a good, natural soap would help get the paint off, so I suggest making some from the perp’s rendered fat.

  8. We can be sure that (A) it was a leftist, and (B) the lewd message was not “F—k Joe Biden.”

    And seeing as we are not being given details. it’s quite likely that it was a black dirtbag on a dirt bike.

  9. cheryl must be a fake name. The Washington Monument is not penis shaped, it is not satanic, and it is not a POS. I’m thinking he is a fudgepacker.

  10. I’m an ignorant fool? You better learn your satanic symbols before judging me.

    And yeah, BRAAAAAD, it’s a phallic symbol and there are examples like it all over the world.

  11. cheryl — I don’t follow satan and, therefore, have no reason to learn about satanic symbols.

    The obelisk as phallic (or satanic) symbol is in the mind of the beholder. Ancient Egyptian, Roman, and Greek makers of obelisks sought other reasons for placing them. One primary reason is that it points to the heavens. I’m sure you don’t know that atop the Washington Monument are, indeed, the words “laus deo”, “Praise be to God.” If you believe that is satanic, you’re barking up the wrong obelisk.

    New Ageism is no banal.

  12. LOL! Believe me, I actually DO put my fingers in my ears and say “la-la-la” at much of this world’s nonsense.

  13. It might come as a surprise to some people, but not all spires are phallic symbols, and not all phallic symbols are satanic.
    Sometimes it’s just someone being a dick.

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