Washington: Polar Bear Swim 2022 has some requirements

A very Seattle event announcement. You must be masked, vaxxed and boosted to jump in the freezing water of Puget Sound…

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  1. Bunch of losers. Makes me sick to think of how leftists have changed this country for the worse. This is just a tiny example.

    It doesn’t matter if the country got its sanity back today. The number of people who have been vaccinated and the resulting deaths will further break the supply chain. Our lives as we knew it is forever changed by a bunch of globalists who wanted the majority of the population to die so they could rule the remaining ones and could continue to live in their depravity.

  2. Outdoors. Every moment of this takes place outdoors. Hell, I just got back from lunch in The Peoples’ Republic of Boulder, CO, which has a ‘mask mandate’ and even here everyone immediately removes his or her mask upon sitting, nobody cares.
    I have been enjoying cold plunges the past couple of months in Boulder Creek, lots of healthy people and no mention of covid. State of Washington is really grasping at straws here.

  3. It’s been a long time since I’ve been there, but I bet a lot of them arrive in their Prius’s with NPR on their radios, drinking Carmel Lattes with masks on while discussing how much they hate the unvaxed and even un-boostered and that they’re really fond of ‘roughing it’ every year like this!

  4. So you can ban someone from jumping in a lake without a mask & vax?

    How about banning Ho-Wood actors from shooting staff in the face instead.

  5. If your vaxxed and jump in you’ll likely get a heart attack. Just wait we’ll be reading that story here after the event.

  6. “You and your group must be Covid-free, be in good health, and distance yourselves 6 feet from others while on the beach.”

    So it is safe to get closer while in the water.

  7. It’s 20 outside right now. It only got up to 24 today.
    I had my ski gear on just to chain up and chop fire wood.
    Vaxed,masked and 6 feet apart people are nuts,we live amongst them.
    I Steelhead fish in the winter and I stay out of the water its cold and if you fall in it takes your breathe away like right now, you don’t want to get in our lakes or rivers this time of the year. It really can kill you.
    I hope it was a big turn out of big fat progs.

  8. Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho has an annual polar bear plunge on New Years day at City Beach on CDA lake. They attract a lot of people to this annual event and I bet they don’t have any COVID restrictions, hey it’s Idaho. There’s also one at Honeysuckle beach on Hayden Lake as well. They could also do one on Wallowa Lake in Northeastern Oregon in the middle of the Summer since it’s a glacier fed lake, even when it’s very hot out the water there is about 45-50 degrees and jumping in it will take your breath away and shrivel your nuts as well. Believe me I speak from experience.

  9. I’d like to see them have some REAL polar bears enter the fray, just for the sake of diversity.
    What fun that would be!

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