Washington Post ‘Clarifies’ Error-Riddled Hit Piece On Top Anti-CRT Investigative Journalist

The Washington Post is shit.

They don’t even know the difference between “clarification” and “correction.”

They “corrected” false information in a hit piece about Chris Rufo, the man leading the charge against CRT, and characterized it as “clarification.”

If the post says I am an ugly Nazi, and is forced to admit that I am not a Nazi, that could be considered “clarification, because I could still be ugly. (It’s weak sauce, but that is what these shit outlets do.)

But, I am devilishly handsome, and not a Nazi, so if they are forced to say I am not an ugly Nazi, that is a CORRECTION, not a clarification.

The post was forced to retract false statements about Chris Rufo and called them “clarifications.”

That is complete shit.

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10 Comments on Washington Post ‘Clarifies’ Error-Riddled Hit Piece On Top Anti-CRT Investigative Journalist

  1. Isn’t it a little befuddling about how the English language changes? I see “CRT” and think, “cathode-ray tube”.

  2. Here is the problem: conservatives look through a hit piece, and then logically and rationally dissect the arguments made and show why they are erroneous. However, leftists don’t care.

    CRT is bullshit thrown around by evil morons who know less about the theory than you do. There is no need to analyze it any further – leftists don’t argue that way and don’t care. There are only two takeaways here; (a) CRT is complete bullshit and (b) the people who believe it are evil morons.

  3. The Washington Post is the vehicle that Jeff Bezos uses to project his deeply held inadequacies. Despite his wealth, he’s a small balding, coarse and unattractive little man with anger issues.

  4. Despite the wealth poured into the rag of a paper the editorial staff is 3rd rate at best.
    Bezos could have the best but only draws from a pool of leftists and it shows.

  5. A million people see the lies… a thousand see the “correction”. That’s how 1984 style “journalism” works.

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