Washington Post Reporter Sounds Like Antifa Publicist


Antifa sympathizers in the media whitewashed the left-wing group’s violence yet again this past weekend, gifting them with a glossy photo essay in The Washington Post. Reporter Marissa J. Lang tried to soften the radical activists’ image by featuring a family of four, a veteran and “moms” flaunting their ridiculous riot gear along with self-righteous quotes they gave to the paper. 

It’s hard not to gag when Lang lovingly described how Portland’s left-wing “protests” are what “Portland does best” and are “as natural as the salmon swimming in the Willamette River.” Sounding like Antifa’s publicist, she touted the demonstrations have “yielded real results” (such as defunding the police and forcing out federal agents.)

The Post reporter of course downplayed the violent methods as just “vandalism” of course, before cheering on their “stamina and creativity:”


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  1. I read this article and can’t help but to wonder why Jeff Beazos wants to use his paper to facilitate the destruction of the society and economic model that made him a billionaire.

    But I actually already know the answer. He and most other ultra-mega-wealthy people have made their billions and they want to shut the door of opportunity for anyone else behind them to enter into their little club. It’s human nature.

    It’s greed and arrogance and all of the other sins of man. I love myself, but not you. And I don’t love God, so don’t tell me about those two greatest commandments on which hang all the Law and Prophets.

  2. The same paper that shills for Hamas and other jihadists against the Jews and Israel, so, no big surprise.

  3. Marsha,Marsha,Marsha the Antifa apologist sounds like a Chinese operative. She’s a loyal little comrade.

  4. Stirrin the Pot

    They also want power. They are pushing out the small businesses, the agencies that protect us and electing people they believe will push us to socialism.

    By trying to convince the people that this is all for the better good by continually telling the same lies is how they go about getting that power

    Sadly, there are many fools who believe it because that is what they see and hear from the controlled media narratives.

    When they finally figure out that they have been useful idiots it will be too late

  5. That article just might get her promoted to private first class in the Jeff Bezos Cuban Occupational Army.

  6. She’s probably a lesbo. There are so many homosexuals in the media because they live to create bullshit narratives and deny objective realities. That’s all they do and the media is a good place to do it.

  7. Some people believe mankind created the problems in the world and that mankind can solve them.
    Others believe mankind created the problems in the world and only mankinds extinction will keep the world alive. Of course there are many other beliefs about the worlds problems and cures. We all have our beliefs about these things but I haven’t heard anything about solutions during all this rioting and destruction. BLM,Defund the police etc. are smokescreens kept alive by ignorant people like this reporter and the people she talks about. What is happening is a war against a country with a largely silent majority that is getting sick of it.

  8. Only ownership has changed in the last 72 years ato Post. FAKE NEWS WAS THEIR THING IN ’48 AND STILL IS “THEIR THING”!


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