Washington Post Upset Country Music Fans Won’t Cancel Morgan Wallen

Country music performer, Morgan Wallen has suffered a number of professional punishments since getting caught on video using the N-word. Here and Here

Despite the pain inflicted on Wallen, country music fans have made his short four show tour a sell out fall. Here

The Washington Post won’t have and wants the whole genre of Country music canceled. Here

There is no Christianity on the left. Therefore no conception of sin, grace or forgiveness. – Dr. Tar

8 Comments on Washington Post Upset Country Music Fans Won’t Cancel Morgan Wallen

  1. Hunter Biden email filled with “nigga”…crickets

    Jon Gruden email say’s black dude has “Michelin lips”…CANCELLED!

    Rap “singers” songs: “Nigga, HO, bitch, nigga”… Half-Time at the SUPERBOWL!

  2. What difference does it make, At this point?

    That is the standard the left validated, is it not? At least it is the standard they would have others judge them by. One of the criteria I used when I developed my understanding of followers of the “progressive” political philosophy is their strict application of hypocrisy when it comes to most anything they believe they can exploit to their advantage. They are not worthy of any degree of respect period and this is just one example why that is.

  3. I’m thinking about buying his music & supporting this guy but then I read this:

    “Wallen publicly apologized multiple times. He sought counseling for addiction issues. He forked over half a million dollars to black nonprofit groups.”

    Nope, sorry. Can’t send you $ or buy your music.
    You caved like a suckling bitch.

    I wish you well and hope you learned that you can’t give an inch.
    Please, learn this. Know this…

  4. I’m sure his management told him he had to grovel to save his career which was skyrocketing at the time. I listened to his “Dangerous” double album in the car cause I couldn’t listen to the radio, not only because country stations banned him, but I also couldn’t put up with the constant COVID and the jab narrative on the airwaves. It’s a great album!


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