Washington Public Schools Struggle With Severe Drop In Student Enrollment

Tatum Report:

Washington state public schools are losing students in unprecedented numbers. In a presentation to the State Senate Committee, it was reported the November 2021 numbers are trending 4.5% lower than the February forecast. 

Bilingual student enrollment fell 6.9%, and special education enrollment fell 8.1%. 

Several parents decided to enroll kids in private schools, join learning pods, or be homeschooled. Parents cited no in-person instruction during the Covid pandemic, curriculum-based in critical race theory and hyper-sexualized material, as well as lack of safety for reasons they pulled their kids from schools. 

According to the Post Millennial, “Elaine Deschamps, executive director for the Caseload Forecast Council, originally believed the falloff to be due to COVID, but is now admitting the drop is systemic.” read more

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  1. Along with defund the police and school enrollment, people really needs to axe:
    “where dafuq is all our hard-earned tax money going???”

  2. We have to pay twice for private security, privately schooling our kids AND supporting the tit-sucking politicians? Bullshit!!

  3. I guess parents think they have a say in how their children are indoctrinated by liberal teachers and a Democrat system that has an agenda other than helping children. They must be “domestic terrorists”.

  4. I hope the parents are finding civilized, patriotic alternative places to educate their kids, because the democrat scum are clearly trying to destroy US civilization. I wonder what those brain-addled fucking psychos think they’re gonna replace it with?

  5. I’m feeling fortunate my children have long since been out of the school systems in this state. My biggest worry now, is getting out of here myself. No reason to stay after retirement, as my kids have moved out of state. I’m thinking Alaska.

  6. That is truly the most encouraging thing I’ve heard in a while. The only way we change our trajectory is to change the direction of the the way we educate our children. State funded schools = statist propaganda.

  7. Fed up November 24, 2021 at 10:00 am

    I’m thinking Alaska.

    You might think again. Do you want supply chain problems? Try living 2000 miles from the supply chain. You like to pay high prices? You will love Alaska then. Think you would like living in a third world country? You can do that without leaving the United States. Move to Alaska.

  8. There’s that percentage number again — only 27% plan to have their child(ren) stabbed with the experimental, magical elixer once the FDA gives it the okey dokey.

    27% is the sweet spot percentage of hard core commie progressives. That number has held for the past twenty years. Now, however, with Gen Z having made it through this radical public educashun system, that number will probably go up. We’ll see.

    There is a fast-growing, robust association of home school and alternative, parent-directed schooling options in WA. This is one story the Fake News is loathe to cover. A friend who works inside one of the three elementary schools here on Queen Anne said that school has lost over 150 students this year and is continuing to lose students, so I think the state’s numbers are low.

  9. Since I am from Eastern Washington state I got into a lot of trouble in my Junior and Senior years of HS from 1969 to 1971 because my school had an open campus (they don’t have an open campus now my friends and I destroyed that concept a long time ago) and when I wasn’t required to be there between classes I would go to the local public library or Clark’s old book store or hang around my dad’s gas station for a while since it was only a mile or so from my HS.

  10. Q@TRF – Your tax bill will go up, the school district will need to make up the loss from the State, which is based on enrollment. At least that’s how it works in WI.

  11. @ geoff the aardvark NOVEMBER 24, 2021 AT 11:26 AM

    My brother and I basically told them to go pound sand, we are not obligated to sit there and be indoctrinated. We showed up and took the tests and since we were getting among the highest test scores the Principal told my mother that he didn’t know what could be done regarding the dichotomy apparent in our absentee rates vs our grades.

    It kicked my ass when I got to college and was taking engineering courses. Calculus, Linear Algebra, Physics, Statics, Dynamics etc were still graded objectively back then.

  12. In related news, I posted yesterday that the California Teachers Association told Governor Twinkle Toes that if he didn’t lift his mandate on VAXING school kids there would be no Public Schools. The morning news here just reported that less than 10% of students have been vaxed. And the deadlines next week sometime.


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