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Washington: Republican Tiffany Smiley Tied with 30-Year Incumbent Sen. Patty Murray


Republican Tiffany Smiley has caught up with 30-year incumbent Democrat Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) and is now tied in the race to Represent Washington in the U.S. Senate, according to two new polls.

A Moore Information Group (MIG) poll released Monday found that Smiley is tied with Murray at 46 percent. Interestingly, Smiley is up two percentage points since MIG’s September poll, While Murray lost two points since last month.

The MIG poll found that eight percent of Washington voters remain undecided ahead of the upcoming midterm election. However, those undecided voters do not look friendly toward Murray, according to the pollster, because 80 percent of undecided voters think the country is on the “wrong track.”

In addition, only 18 percent of undecided voters have a favorable view of Murray. The top issues for undecided voters are crime and controlling government spending and taxes, two issues that Republicans nationwide have taken the lead on.

MIG surveyed 500 likely Washington voters from October 20 to October 22. Their survey has a margin of error of ± four percent. more

13 Comments on Washington: Republican Tiffany Smiley Tied with 30-Year Incumbent Sen. Patty Murray

  1. Yup, it will be a red tidal wave. Except for the cheating.

  2. Smiley is preferable to Murray, but that’s about it. It is a step in the right direction though.

  3. Sorry, a tie or a republican leading by less than 10 points means a democrat win.
    There is always at least 5% fraud for the dem, and as in 2020, this year there will be at least 10% and more in the swing states

  4. Actually, think of it as affirmative action for democrats.
    Since they can’t win outright, we have to count the votes on a curve to make it more fair

  5. 3 week recount with thousands of last minute “ballots” found in Seattle to give Murray 25 vote “victory”.

  6. Hurricane Harvey dumped 22 trillion gallons of water onto Texas in five days. I hope liberal tears exceeds that amount next week.

  7. Looks like the earlier commenters are a bunch of SayWA residents or at least are very familiar with the Wyman orchestrated all mail in voting here in the people’s republic.

    Polling will have the candidates within a couple of points either way, then those mailed in ballots that weren’t discarded by the postal workers or otherwise ‘lost’ will be counted.

    As the count proceeds, if it’s looking bad for the communist, a call will go out for more ballots. Not a public call, mind you, a private call. Those ballots will be made to appear, and the count will be monitored for additional required ballots which will be provided as needed.

    Ultimately the communist will ‘win’ this election. The ‘vote’ ‘total’ will be approximately 52% communist to 48% non communist. So close, but, better ‘luck’ next time, the non communist was a ‘flawed’ candidate, and the ‘people’ have ‘spoken’.

    This is, and has been, gruesomely tiresome. I await the day when the state votes eighty percent non communist and yet the communist still prevails. The contortions the communists will go through to justify a ballot count of over ten million in a state with a gross population less than eight million (discounting illegals) will be grimly humorous to watch.

  8. Don’t forget that the Dems developed their playbook on how to cheat in elections in the 2002 Washington Governor’s race and have been honing it ever since. Look for King County to be the last to certify their results and that will put Murray over the top.

  9. Yes it will be close. I for one will still vote for T. Smiley,if people would turn out and vote for her Murry will be out.
    That is the problem all across the country we don’t turn out on election day. I have a feeling that this year will be different people are hurting and very pissed off,so we shall see. Be of good cheer and stay hopeful I am.
    What good does it do to be Debbi Downer all the time?
    And yes I know that they will try and cheat but all we have to do is vote in large numbers and that will carry the day.
    We have to stop them some how or all is lost.
    Rush always told us to not panic and I think he was right.

  10. It would be so nice to participate in a Repub red wave-just once. If the wave touches Oregon and delivers a new Governor-and we get bupkis- I’ll yell not fair! Just like a Lib. 😉

  11. Illustr8r It is coming. Just watch. Will call you soon.
    G. and AA.

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