Washington State Dems Floating New “Wealth Inequality Tax”


“When we look at the issues that are state is facing, how we’re not funding education enough, how we’re not doing enough to address climate change, not doing enough to really shore up basic needs such as our roads and transportation, I think largely it comes down to having an unequal tax structure — a very regressive tax structure in Washington State,” said Sen. Joe Nguyen.

Unlike the House’s Extraordinary Profits Tax — essentially a capital gains tax — Nguyen’s proposal would impose a tax of varying rates, on employers in the state for each worker they have in Washington earning more than $1 million a year.

“For instance $1 million to $5 million, it’s about a 5 percent excise fee on employers who have people who make that much money; $5 million to $10 million, it’s 7.5 percent, and $10 million-plus it’s 10 percent,” Nguyen explained.

All employers in the state would have to pay this tax, but only on those employees who earn $1 million or more working in the state. That accounts for about 3,000 people, according to Nguyen.

“This is not meant to hurt small businesses, not meant to hurt large businesses…”


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Who are these people that think they are entitled to this money?


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  1. Who is this guy kidding? Regressive punitive taxes are always born in California, posser!!!

    Speaking batshit idiotic taxes, Ron Wyden, an Oregon Senator, wants unrealized gains on all retirement and non-retirement accounts taxed as ordinary income. Translation; if you own stock and that stock appreciated in value, he wants that unrealized gain taxed at your particular tax rate, even though you have not realized that gain by selling. Progressives should never ever be allowed anywhere near money, in any capacity.

  2. Baseball team, football team, bands, arts, all gone. Then what? That’s where your big money is, dummy. And that can all go away.

  3. Knock that shit off. People are going to leave. Portland is already full of crazies and we don’t need anyone from Seattle bringing their half baked voting habits with them. It’s bad enough what California liberals have done to Oregon. So knock that shit off.

  4. I do not like this Sam I Am. This is just another big democrap scam. It’s not like I’m made of money or something or maybe it’s because I’m white, a male and a heterosexual that these idiots in Olympia think I’m not paying enough of my fair share. The whole idea of making Washington into 2 separate states of Western. Wash. and Eastern. Wash. is looking better all the time. Mr. Nguyen (pronounced Win) should know better since he’s more than likely a refugee from Vietnam.

  5. Well this is stupid.

    Employers who can pay some employees more than $1 mil easily can set up another company in another state to hire their high-paid employees. In about two days, there won’t be any such employees in the state.

  6. I guess they don’t want any high-tech businesses in Washington.

    Back in the ’90’s Washington jacked up the taxes on cigarettes. They were shocked when they took in less cigarette tax revenue than they did before because people bought their smokes in Idaho and on Indian Reservations. Technically non-Indians are not supposed to buy cigarettes and alcohol on reservations, but can you imagine the stink if they were to enforce that law?

  7. One need not go far to buy cheaper cigarettes in N. Idaho from Eastern Wash. It’s a hop, skip and a jump to buy cigarettes at State Line, Post Falls or Plummer and Worley on the CDA Indian reservation and people do it all the time and gas is usually 20 to 25 cents a gal. cheaper in Idaho as well which is why we fill all our company trucks with gas in Post Falls when we come back from Montana. We’re not stupid although our so called betters think we are. I don’t smoke but I will go out of my way if I’m close enough to Idaho from the Spokane valley to buy gas.

  8. Another first gen American, they should never be allowed to vote or run for office because they still have the strong commie stench of the country they fled from and it has not been washed off them yet. It is almost always the case. These people were not raised in homes with American values. It should be 3rd or 4th gen only.

  9. This is why Ivanka being in the White House in 2021 looks bleak. “Progressivism” won’t sell to people who believe they, themselves, might win the lottery. When they know the system’s rigged, anything that might be better tomorrow — even if the odds are as good as winning the lottery — is still, mathematically, better than what they have today.

  10. Disingenuous DemocRATs looking to rob more straight off the top and justifying it by pushing the old “Wealth Inequality” line of complete Bullshit!!
    All it does is penalize the successful while lining the pockets of a bunch of Worthless, Federal Tit-Sucking Parasites who couldn’t possibly hold down a job in the private sector because of a lack of talent, a criminal record or both!
    I don’t know about you, but I never worked for a poor man! I want to see the wealthy succeed because that’s what makes Jobs and this nation great!

  11. ‘Assassinate’ this is a word in the English language that would provide a solution to the problem.

    I’m far removed from the problem yet I understand it – make it so?

  12. What they don’t show you is how much money they burn
    Not enough money for schools?
    13 to 14 K for 9 months of crap Ed times 30 kids. New state cars and trucks all the time. In 45 years I have had one new car for the wife and I.
    Try and make do like the little people for once.

  13. How about a Commie tax, also called Justice? We take everything from them and force them to work in labor camps.


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