Washington State University Men Use Tampons?

Campus Reform-

Washington State University has begun stocking men’s bathrooms on one of its campuses with free menstrual products.

The new offering is part of a system-wide effort to be more inclusive of transgender individuals.

The initiative is one of many focusing on “improving the transgender community experience on campus,” and is currently being tested in three restrooms on the Pullman, Wash. campus.  The university is in the process of “assessing similar needs” at other WSU campuses to determine which men’s rooms will receive new accommodations.

Additional changes include allowing students to choose a name other than their legal name for their student identification card and a new policy requiring all new buildings to have gender-neutral single-user restrooms. Some individuals found the practice of requiring a legal name on student identification cards “alienating” for transgender students who use chosen names.


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  1. A “natural” consequence of over stretched rectal sphincters, I presume?

    “Abandon all hope, ye who enter there…”

  2. Keep the freaks in Pullman and when they graduate from WSU (Weinie State University) send them over to Seattle and Portland and San Francisco etc. The farmers and locals sure as hell don’t want them there.

  3. Up your Wazu!

    Gives new meaning to the word, “Wazu” (if you know what I mean, and I think some of you football fans do!).

  4. My chosen new name is “Zrngfblly.” It is pronounced “Zrngfblly.” Don’t get it wrong or I will be very, very offended.

  5. I hate to get practical, but, if “female” students were to get a “male” friend to cop enough thingies every month, this would save between $5 and $15 a month in personal care products. …..Lady in Red

  6. Joe6Pak….. Ah, but are they *free* in the womminz room? In my experience they are premium priced.

    (My feeling is that the free part is a kind of introductory seduction for men becoming “more comfortable” with their inner woman.) ….Lady in Red

  7. Actually, I knew a biker guy who had (he told me) a severe case of hemorrhoids and would shove a tampon up his ass when riding on long trips.

    Unless he was making fun of me (I too, rode a bike and had hemorrhoids – but have always been something of an innocent).

    izlamo delenda est …


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