Washington Times Reporting That Mike Pence is Pretty Much a Lock For Trump’s VP Pick


A tipoff came a few days ago when Indiana House Speaker Brian C. Bosma, 58, a conservative Republican, sought advice on running for governor from constitutional lawyer James Bopp, an Indiana delegate to the Republican National Convention and a member of the convention rule committee.

“He wanted my counsel on what he needed to do to set himself up to run for governor, because he expects Pence to step down as governor in order to be Trump’s running mate,” Mr. Bopp said in an interview.


Mr. Pence also made a telling private call to Indiana Republican Party Chairman Jeff Cardwell, a Republican close to both men said.

In the call, the governor told Mr. Cardwell to delay his planned Tuesday departure to Cleveland for a Republican National Committee meeting, saying Mr. Cardwell needed to be sure to attend an Indianapolis fundraiser featuring Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence.

The Trump election team on Sunday announced a campaign rally in Indianapolis following the Trump-Pence fundraiser, giving further weight to the expectation that the presumptive nominee will announce Mr. Pence as his running mate — most probably at the rally.

14 Comments on Washington Times Reporting That Mike Pence is Pretty Much a Lock For Trump’s VP Pick

  1. Look, I’d vote for Charlie Sheen to keep that lying bint in a pant suit out of the presidency, but Pence makes NO sense! He brings nothing to the table, he sucked as a governor according to people in his state, and he’s weak on all of the important policy issues. WTF?

  2. I’m not voting for VP I’m voting for president. As long as they do no damage I don’t care who he picks.

  3. Dicks tonight said, vote for Johnson.


    I never gave 2 shits for Trump before,

    But seriously, Hellery?

    There’s a monkey on the car.

  4. there wasnt a peep about Palin before she was nominated. Super Secret double probation and all that. These things seem so hush hush that i’ve got to think this may be a Trump stall, distraction or the truth.

    wait and see i guess.

  5. It’s possible he could even lose reelection in Indiana this year to a democrat running on his handlebar mustache. He has a lot of baggage with his horrible handling of the religious freedom act. He backed down on that and completely sold us out on common core by supporting common core under another name .

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