Watch: Biden Says He Talks With His Team About COVID-19, Asks ‘Where Do We Do?’


Flag and Cross: It’s a day ending in “y,” so 2020 Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden said something silly. It’s just par for the course, at this point – like a tweet from President Trump.

It’s just going to happen.

The fact that the former vice president, who has yet to be endorsed by Barack Obama, still has trouble stringing along basic sentences, is troubling. Unless you’re a Democrat. read more

15 Comments on Watch: Biden Says He Talks With His Team About COVID-19, Asks ‘Where Do We Do?’

  1. Imagine a round table discussion of current affairs between Joe Biden and Al Sharpton. They could sell tickets to that.

  2. OT. Whoever captured Anderson Pooper being pleasured beneath the anchor desk by a 21 y.o. male intern should be fired.

  3. A classic Bait & Switch with a massive Knee-Pad Media Propaganda campaign is in the works to be hatched in July! They’re gonna try to pull a rabbit out of a hat and wind up pulling something out of Uranus!

  4. The Dementiacrats know that Dementia Joe Obiden Bama has completely lost the plot by now. It’s too embarrassing to pull him off the ticket at this late date, so the only solution is to put him back on the road without any Personal Protection Equipment so he can become a victim of President Trump’s Pandemic. It’s a guaranteed solution to the question that has been on everyone’s mind lately, “Where do we do?” Just think of it as a necessary act of Political Euthanasia.

  5. I feel better knowing that biden and his team are sitting around a cardboard Oval Office hashing things out

    What they really need is someone who was vice president for 8 years who may shed some light for them. Maybe Al Gore isn’t so busy, now that he and his wife are kaput.

  6. I don’t know where we do from there, joey, but we are going to figured it out from then on.

    That we promised you. 👌😬

  7. “who has yet to be endorsed by barack obama”

    why would he endorse biden, when he’s not going to be the nominee?

    he’s endorse hillary when she’s named at the convention

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