Watch- Company Scraps an Ad Because They Claim the Hired Comedian Once Made Fun of Cerebral Palsy – IOTW Report

Watch- Company Scraps an Ad Because They Claim the Hired Comedian Once Made Fun of Cerebral Palsy

The perpetually offended have gone too far in the past, but this is absolutely ridiculous. Not only did the guy not “mimic” the person, he COMPLIMENTED HIM!

The person with cerebral palsy condemned the move to “cancel” the comedian.

Rebel News-

Yet another comedian is ‘cancelled’ albeit in a less orthodox way this time around. Comic and actor Brett Forte had just finished a three-day shoot of a commercial for the Alberta Forest Products Association (AFPA) before getting a call from the director asking him if he had ever “mimic[ked] a kid with cerebral palsy in the front row of one of [his] comedy shows,” as Forte explained in an Instagram post. He replied “No.”

The instance in question, which Forte included in the post, shows a man getting up from a wheelchair and going on stage with Forte with the comedian remarking “Do you even need the chair?” to which the audience laughed. The same video also shows the man in question condemning the AFPA for their decision to cancel the ad, “Shame on you,” the man said on camera. “If you think he said an offensive joke, let me tell you it’s the complete opposite,” he continued.

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  1. The Woke/Left/Commies/Progtards are a freakin’ cult! I’m not being hyperbolic. The zealotry for finding and revealing phantom offenses defines the cult. Their cult requires frequent and fresh opportunity for all the sins of their kind to exhibit themselves in full flower: pride, arrogance, anger/rage, and so on; in short, a rush to celebrate every evil impulse. It’s their drug, and they must have a stronger, weirder, more obscure offenses with every passing day.

    Pray for God’s intervention in these dealings. He finds them an abomination. Pride, for example, is the Original sin. He hates that with a perfectly just hatred.

  2. What’s next?
    Call em “Trotskyites?”

    All this pretending to be offended and “cancelling” seems vaguely familiar.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  3. So, tell me about how encouraging kids as young as six or seven years old to pretend they are affected with gender dysphoria is any different than mocking any different in degree, not just kind, form mocking any other debilitating physiological or psychological condition.

    the Boys & Girls Club operates an after/before school care program and when checking my kids out I noticed that pronouns that are not consistent with their apparent gender and alternative names were on some of the kids sign in/out sheets.

    This really isn’t cute, smart or funny and word on the street is that this is a consistent practice “industry” wide.

  4. @JDHasty — “Wokeism” is now the one of the biggest $$-making parts of every corporate consulting company. They’ve codified every aspect of it and it’s growing by leaps and bounds. It’s the trifecta of sinful motivators: Sex, money, power. It’s the primary revenue center of HR consulting. We shouldn’t be at all surprised by the heavy monetization of this cult of wokeness. But, like every other sham from the Left, we won’t be seeing any real metrics which define its success or failure. The biggest customer of all this is gov’t because #1, that’s where the money is, and #2, it’s so easy to hide the spoils.


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