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Watch CNN’s Jeff Zeleny Heckled as ‘Fake News’ In Texas

During this particular live shot, the only truth you will hear comes from those not seen on camera, from those badass Texans in the background who let it be known that “CNN is fake news”:

For good trolling measure, at right around the 1:50 mark, one Texan walks right into Zeleny’s live shot to tell the world “CNN is ISIS.”

11 Comments on Watch CNN’s Jeff Zeleny Heckled as ‘Fake News’ In Texas

  1. LOL x 1,000!! It should’ve been Jimmy Acosta, tho!

  2. When I was @ 10-12 (late 60s), I wondered why the news people didn’t mention their judgement or opinion of despicable people.

    I never once thought that when they did, it would be the opposite of all that is good and wise. That they would lie and smear good people.

    It’s like they seek the job to get in front of people to tell them what to think and feel.

    It’s always a pleasure when a live broadcast backfires on their skullduggery.

    We should start a new meme using – the skullduggers…
    on CNNnnn. With a swarthy makeup job looking like the filth they purvey is stuck on them.

    Introduce the snowflakes to reality when they look it up.

    The Prez should refer to them that way too. Sure they do fakery, but why do they do that? Because the whole concert of their efforts are a heaping bowl of insidious skullduggery.

  3. WTF is He Talking About ! I Don’t Know If He’s Been Told That Trump’s Doing An Incredible Job Helping Americans Help Themselves… Oh Yea, and They Love Him !!!
    Iv’e Never Seen The Media Look So Desperate ! and it Would Seem They Only Showed Up To Get Trump … They are Raider Fans at a Chargers Game !

  4. What Jim said, he was just spouting his bullshit side of his liberal thoughts.

  5. Now the MSM is on Trump for using the word “wrath” and was he saying Texas deserved it? Maybe he should start speaking in sign language. Now, I have the guy from Mandela’s funeral in my head.

  6. I hate the press! Trump has done a great job and still they shit on him.
    Keep it up fake news.. Trump will be President for 8 years.

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