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WATCH: Dead From SUICIDE – Fox News Reports Connection!

Bed Bath And Beyond executive jumps from a skyscraper!

Before watching this report, note that earlier last month we covered a story about a college kid who made millions trading ONE STOCK. That stock was, you guessed it, Bed Bath and Beyond.

More updates on the mysterious death of the Bed Bath And Beyond executive who fell from a skyscraper!

Fox News Correspondent David Lee Miller reveals that just days after Bed Bath And Beyond’s CFO’s Gustavo Arnel allegedly took his own life by jumping to his death, allegations of fraud relating to the company he led are being blamed for the incident.

Apparently, it now appears as if Arnel misled investors by making a mysterious sale of his shares of Bed Bath and Beyond before mysteriously taking his own life.

Arnel had publicly pretended that he would keep ownership of the shares before mysteriously dumping them just weeks before taking his own life.

Do YOU think it was foul play? Comment below and let us know what you think!

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  1. Too many unknowns at this point. Either homicide or suicide is a reasonable possibility. Accidental death is not!

  2. @Heretic — True, that!

    Idle observation: it wouldn’t be incorrect to refer to somebody who’s hit the pavement after jumping from a skyscraper as “broke”. Really reeeeeally broke.

  3. The only reasonable argument I can think of that supports suicide over murder is that with him dead any murderer who was out money because of the fraud has a much smaller chance of getting any of it back now.

    Of course, an enraged defraudee could very well have picked up Arnel and tossed him off the balcony simply because he was really pissed off.

  4. Without a direct link to a Clinton one has to wonder at the murder to look like suicide theory.

    One possibility is that this CFO knew BBBY was on an irreversible downhill slide when suddenly somebody started buying up a bunch. This may have presented a slim opportunity for the CFO to dump his shares and save himself. When the mystery buyer group took their profits and dumped the stock it went into free fall and this CFO got exposed for not keeping his promise to hold his shares.

    I’m not sure where the illegality may fall in this scenario unless the CFO did something shady with company shares or violated his contract with BBBY. Hopefully, more details will be forthcoming.

    I’d forgotten about the earlier story, good pick up to make the connection, BFH.

  5. I’m always suspicous about “jumpers” who commit suicide by jumping from very high heights. Too scary, when there are so many other less painful methods.

  6. Holy crap, I forgot about that college kid making all that money. Sumting wong. I typed earlier he’d done something wrong and was facing prosecution. I haven’t changed my mind however now I’m interested in following this story to the end.

    Cool stuff IOTW.


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