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WATCH: Fox News FIGHT Breaks Out After Guest Quotes One Simple Statistic…

I have never been impressed with Kennedy. She is smug for no reason. Her points are idiotic, and in this clip she does not disappoint on that front.

She berates her guest as bigoted because he points out that of the 3,000 people infected with the Monkeypox virus, 95% of them are gay.

The panel clucks their tongues at such narrow, unwoke speech! Diseases don’t work like that. There are no GAY DISEASES!

Then Kennedy goes on to theorize that the reason we do not have enough vaccinations in America is “because it is a gay disease.”

She is a dunce.

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  1. “Guess what? Gay men have friends and family…and this disease is spread through close contact…”

    Exactly, you bespectacled, blond moron. How come it’s not “bigoted language” when you say it?


  2. They wanted AIDS to be an “epidemic” didn’t happen.
    They want Monkey Pox to be one too.
    Just because you say something, doesn’t make it so, Number One.
    Tell the faglers to quit the buggery, problem solved.
    Kennedy, meh, just an opinion, bet she has an asshole too.
    Gay is NOT a healthy lifestyle, mentally or physically, quit endorsing it like it is.

  3. A simple test.

    If men hadn’t been phucking each other in the @ss would Monkeypox be sweeping through the gay community?

  4. Want to really see their heads explode?

    “Monkeypox is a sexually transmitted infection. Any child who contracts the disease should be evaluated for abuse.”

  5. Kennedy used to have some nice long legs that I admired. It appears she has gone woke year after year. So I ignore her now.

  6. Why are people so afraid to offend others and tell them right from wrong? Gay men started this virus along with Aids. FACT.
    Kennedy was always a twit IMO way back to her MTV gig.

  7. “There are no GAY DISEASES!”

    So they claim they’re educated journalists, well, I’m no journalist, but I am educated somewhat on history – specifically Biblical history. Historically, cities like Sodom and Gomorrah, Pompei, Rome, Greece (and others), were destroyed due to their faggotry. God stomped out those diseased cities and he’ll do it again. Then there’s AIDS, monkeypox, what’s next?

    They found the source of God’s wrath on Sodom & Gomorrah – interesting proof….check out what’s left of the fags.

    Interesting that Sodom and Pompei were wiped out by fire! Great balls of fire! Faggotry was an acceptable behavior back then, except God didn’t accept it.

  8. Gee, Brad. if everyone does it, then doesn’t everyone have the monkeypox? I’ll wait……..

  9. The damn government traced their scamdemic COVID, and they trace all other sexually transmitted diseases (or used to) but a disease transmitted by deviant behavior is ‘sacred’!

    GIVE ME A BREAK. Idiots rule. Who the hell stood up in our government and sang SEND IN THE CLOWNS? The place is full of them so stop!!! Send the clowns home.

    I think MAGA, or Trumpsters, or whatever catch word is popular for ALLOWD hate, should declare that it is spread by gay sex. Then free speech might be allowed to return.

  10. 95% of Monkeypox occurs among gay men. Fine with me, couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch.

  11. And anyone should stop, to care, about the deaths (by privation, or pox… no matter) of those… of the children of those… that would allow “Kennedy’s” household to live? Amongst them?


  12. Notice how in US society and politics, it’s more egregious to criticize demographics that are demonstrably more irresponsible and destructive to our society that ones that tend to be more beneficial? You can bash straight white males all day long with no push back at all. You’ll even be lauded for it in academic and media sectors. But criticize promiscuous faggots, misogynistic trannie assholes, or violent, thieving ghetto black scumbags, and “OMG!… That’s so wrong!!!”.

    This is how Satan would set up an anti-society, because that’s what we’re quickly becoming, the exact opposite of a civilization.


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