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Tucker Carlson just dropped a new health report on John Fetterman, the Democrat running against Dr. Oz for a U.S. Senate seat.

Tucker Carlson carlson suggested that Fetterman has a growth on his neck:

“Does this lump have its own Instagram? Does it plan to run for statewide office in Pennsylvania?”

The news comes amid concerns about Fetterman’s recent stroke. Fetterman has even tried to get out of debating because of his health issues!

Do YOU think John Fetterman’s health is a problem? Comment below!

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  1. Bet it’s cancer of the neck. Friend did recently from it. Doctor advised him to get the jab and boom, neck cancer was on the menu. My friend is no longer with us, he went quick. I dunno, I’m speculating the worse – either way, Fetterman’s a cancer on society.

    Some general signs of head and neck cancer include the following:

    A Lump on the back of Neck, Jaw, or Mouth.

    However, it still remains about 50%, which means that half of people with the condition will die within five years. Discovering the disease in the early stages improves the chance of complete recovery.

    I’m not a doctor, just speculating.

  2. Fetterman on his Wide Glide at a stop light when another biker pulls up beside him and sez: “Who’s the bitch on the back?”
    Fetterman: “That’s my tumor”
    Biker: “Yeah I get that, but whuts her nname?”

  3. Do I think John Fetterman’s health is a problem?

    His mental health has been a problem all along. Now we can add his physical health problem to the picture.

  4. Could be it’s a alien implant controlling him from space, or else more likely another Fauci funded experiment for the next panicdemic mandatory jab for Americans.

  5. Eh, lump on the neck, OK.
    However, my money is on a second, possibly fatal stroke.
    Chances of that happening go up quite a bit after a first stroke.

  6. Fetterman is crazier than a shithouse rat, stroke or not. I feel about Pennsylvania electing this clown the same way I feel about Delaware electing Biden every election for Senate over eternity. You get what you vote for. So, if the people send this moron to the Senate, spare us all the “we didn’t vote for this” when your state starts to mirror California.

  7. Its a lipoma .. a non cancerous tumor. If that grotesque thing was cancerous, he’d be dead — it would have spread everywhere in his body

  8. I’ve had enough this year. What ever this guy has going on, is too much for me right now. Enough!

    Say your prayers everyday!

    God Bless us all!!!


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