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WATCH: Giant MILITARY Leak – The Video Is Damning!

A leaked video has just been released showing Navy SEAL recruits being forcibly tear gassed while ordered to sing “Happy Birthday” by superiors.

The strange form of “training” has triggered an investigation by the U.S. government.

It takes a lot to be a SEAL. Maybe pushing humans to the brink will output superior soldiers, ones that are feared and respected. Maybe we don’t need to see how the sausage is made.

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    Luckily I joined the Army just after Vietnam, the drill sergeants had just stopped taking a garbage can upside your head. we had to give name rank and serial number in the CS tent.

    Clutch the pearls boys! 🤬

  2. I went through something similar in army basic in the 70’s. In a room we had to say our name rank and serial number all while being gassed. Why is this now a problem?

  3. This isn’t new. If you don’t like it, don’t volunteer to be a SEAL. I hope the catch the pussy who leaked the video.

  4. Our military MUST consist of tough men who don’t give up and surrender when things get difficult. The enemy has no intention of cutting our soldiers any slack, respecting their rights, or giving them a safe space. Their training should and must reflect that fact.

    That’s the problem with having a woke military: everybody wants to be a gangsta until it’s time to do gangsta $hit.

  5. The softspoken investigative reporter who released this video notes that the ‘students who were trying to become seals’ who gave it to him ‘felt that the instructors ere abusive and careless with their health.’

    Wow. That’s not fair! Because the enemy always follows health guidelines and is never abusive.

    No, I don’t want to know what brave men go through in training or in combat to protect this country. I’m glad they are willing to do it. Those who aren’t should find another line of work.

  6. My understanding is the person can quit the training at any time. That pretty much shuts down any bitching from the outside about methods.

  7. I just read David Goggins’ book Can’t Hurt Me, he went through Hell Week 3 times. When you consider that only about 1/4 of those who begin BUD/S finish it, and those starting it are elite to begin with… well they are put through a lot of stuff like this, particularly focused on mental deterioration. In fact I would say this isn’t close to the worst of what Goggins described, especially the never-ending feeling of it.
    Goggins went through Hell Week (week 3) three times because they pulled him with pneumonia the first time, knee swollen like a grapefruit second time and it didn’t improve during the ‘rest’ week after. 3rd time was his last chance.

  8. We did tear gas training once a year while I was 11B & 18B. What is the big deal, everyone in the Army has to learn how to use a gas mask?

  9. I remember being gassed several times in the Marines. In the tent, pull your mask, name rank SSN, dawn and clear mask. DON”T RUB YOUR EYES.
    I always felt sorry for the guys that would puke in their mask.

  10. I was tear gassed at “Boot” almost 60 years ago! Not a Frogman/ SEAL. But we all lived through it! Painful lyes; life threatening ; NO!

    Seems to me in the last 21 years Americans have become CANDY ASS!

    No wonder we lost every war this century!

  11. PS

    I have had some friends that were Froggys/SEALS.

    ALL GOOD MEN! Clif was killed by ChiCom 2 months before KBG bad exjarhead KILLED JFK.

  12. Ranger School 1975… RI’s standing in both front and back doors at 4 am, CS grenades exploding inside the barracks, artillery simulators exploding underneath the barracks, waking up from a dead sleep, getting dressed, boots on and finding your weapon as you exit the barracks, oh what fun! What a memory!

  13. Hahahaha
    Civvies are pussies.
    Anyone who cry’s that boot camp or basic is too hard or they hurt their feelings is one more body in a bag at the end of the day. If you can’t grow up physically and mentally, go home and eat some glass. The real world doesn’t care.

  14. late 70’s….. I think we had to demask, say the Pledge of Allegiance, remask and clear it. The most enduring memory of that training was a giant snot about 3 feet long streaming from my friends nose when we busted out of that door.

  15. “Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times.
    Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times.”

    Looks like we are late in stage 3, working “diligently” towards stage 4

  16. Why is this news?!?
    The military has been doing this in boot camp for all the services for decades!

  17. I got it THREE TIMES! Once in Navy Boot Camp, then again in Field Med School (Camp Pendleton where we had to sing the Marine Corps Hymn in the gas chamber), then one more time at the fire base An Hoa in Vietnam…And after all that I never got issued a gas mask! They probably figured I was immune to it’s effects by then.

  18. Andy’s dad – it’s an 80-year cycle. And the “harvest” is one generation out of phase with it.

  19. I got a question for all the,”What a bunch of pussies, if you can’t hack the training then get the fuck out” commenters above, does it bother you at all that the instructors clearly did not follow the safety rules when they applied the tear gas? 6 feet away and for a duration no more than 15 seconds, both rules were violated. We saw one guy pass out, how combat effective are you if you are unconscious? What if it was your kid in there, how proud you must be that he is the toughest of the tough, made it 2/3 of the way, then some dumbass instructor screws up and mis-applies the tear gas and your kid is now in the hospital with possible permanent lung damage, never to see his SEAL dream realized?

    Safety rules are in place for a reason, when you violate them you put the lives of those tough recruits in jeopardy and make it impossible for them to fight the enemy.

    When I went through basic training we had live fire exercises. The safety rules in place had the M-60 rounds a certain height over the crawling recruits. What if some drill instructor said ,”You know, this 6 feet overhead safety rule is for pussies, let’s do it 6 inches above their heads and see what happens? Would you be in favor of that?

    Similarly, firefighter recruits are required to carry a 180lb dummy up 3 flights of stairs to pass. What if the instructor thought that rule was way too soft and required his squad to carry that dummy up 6 flights and do it 10 times without stopping even though this is dangerous and flies in the face of what was the normal requirement for all the other recruits?

    Of course, they should keep the tear gas requirement in place. I did it 3 times, once in basic, and twice with different police academies, each time I hated it, felt sick afterward, and would not wish it on my worst enemy, but it was done within the safety protocols already established.

    And LCD, David Goggins is a beast. Most of his youtube videos are beyond human.

  20. That was a LOT of tear gas up close with no gas masks.
    Don’t they usually send them into a trailer or a room and gas the room while the soldiers put on their gas masks?

  21. ^^ Yeah, it was a bit overkill. In basic training they just you to get a good whiff so you know what it’s like.

  22. I had 13 years of Joint Services where we were gassed every year. You entered the chamber by rank, lowest first. I was the lowest rank most of the trips in. Once they had the smoke thick enough you pulled your mask when directed and you gave rank, name, and job title or had to answer a question then you could head to the exit door. I puked every year exiting the chamber. Except for basic I never had to do the chamber in the regular AF.

  23. Mr. Taylor,
    The Fleet not the Front give two fuks about safety.
    I was in the Fleet when some bill dyke fresh out of boot pulled a “timeout card” in the middle of an actual engine room casualty, a loss of feed pumps. To which she was promptly thrown to deck.
    Later, myself and a fellow sailor, because “shipmate” is an insult of the highest order, walked in on a kid who just slit his wrists and our first thought was “how the hell am I going get this off the deck?”
    Don’t worry, he survived.

    One of our EM’s was pulling a breaker from the panel, followed all safety procedures, yet still managed to take 4160 to the face.

    Fact is, grow up, if you can’t handle life at its roughest then feel free to sign up for a smart city pod hovel. If this kind of stuff scares you, keep it to yourself and don’t be the next Karen or chad to write his congressman demanding some kind of action because he violated safety guidelines.
    Do you ever find yourself on a ladder at home, higher than 4’ off the floor without tying off or perhaps you lean out past the rails with your belt buckle?
    C’mon man

  24. Coulda been worse, they could have been forced to listen to the combined speeches of Harris the Hoe and Joe the Vegetable Biden.

  25. 11B AB Ranger, late ’70s, early ’80s. During our annual NBC training, marched us from Quads out to the Gas Chamber, all masked up. After tossing in a batch of CS grenades, we had to unmask, recite general orders, and Roger’s Rules, which we had memorized. Then successfully clear and mask up in order to exit building. The worst part, it was always the first thing in the morning, and we had to spend the rest of the day dealing with our contaminated uniforms in the Georgia heat & humidity. Usually foot marching to the known distance ranges for qualifications. We all survived.



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