Watch: “He (Trump) can actually control what people think, and that is our job…” – MSNBC’s Mika – IOTW Report

Watch: “He (Trump) can actually control what people think, and that is our job…” – MSNBC’s Mika

28 Comments on Watch: “He (Trump) can actually control what people think, and that is our job…” – MSNBC’s Mika

  1. Careful, Mika. Joe looks like he’s getting tired of you. You know how that can turn put.

  2. Oh look, it’s squinty and the meat puppet. One kills interns after he knocks them up, the other one is a useless whore. Even their show is fake, they try to show that one is in NY and the other one in DC, however they are just in separate studios in NY.
    May they both die of the blazing shits.

  3. Mika’s an idiot.
    Every time I see Joe S. I can’t help but think of the movie, “The Sixth Day”. Scarborough reminds me of the underdeveloped clone near the end.

  4. The next time I fly somewhere, I really hope I don’t see these two idiots on the wing chuckin shit into the engine!

  5. So, it’s dangerous when anyone other than the “media” influences how people think? Wow! They don’t even care about hiding their bs. Bold as brass.

  6. Speaking of which, the tech and media elites are meeting at Sun Valley this week to brainstorm about maintaining their control of what people think.

    “Among the major figures who have appeared so far include businessman and New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, Netflix Co-CEOs Reed Hastings and Ted Sarandos, CBS News’ Gayle King, CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Nike CEO John Donahoe, former Disney CEO Michael Eisner, Shari Redstone, chairwoman of ViacomCBS…”

    As Alex Jones says, “There’s a war on for your mind” and he ain’t wrong about that.

  7. Thirdtwin – Back in the 90s they called cable access the battle for the living room. Now it’s the war on for your mind!

  8. Is this a new video. She said something very similar to this a while ago. Those people are dangerous, people like my mom believe them.

  9. And would can forget this Chris Cuomo gem regarding Wikileaks emails:

    “Remember, it is illegal to possess these stolen documents. It is different from the media. So everything you learn about this, you are learning from us.”

    ILLEGAL, you peons!

    They’ve all got the same gatekeeper mindset, and Trump rocked their sad little world to the core.

  10. There’s that pesky “Truth” getting in the way again.
    My daughter in law still think Obama was a great president. ABC news told her so.

  11. It’s not control, it’s trust.
    He tells the truth, and you motherfuckers wouldn’t know “Truth” if it was filed in a cabinet under “T”.

  12. Remember I recently talked about that little Peoples Temple/Jim Jones and the Left project I’ve been working on?

    Jones was ALL about mind control. Here are a few of his tactics:

    1. Separate and isolate Temple members and don’t allow them to see or talk to each other. (Covid, anyone?)
    2. Publicly shame anyone who talks against the Temple. Discredit them, beat them (if necessary), threaten them and their family members.
    3. Separate the children from their parents and teach the children that their parents are “misguided” and even “evil.”
    4. Convince Temple members that they can create their own paradise on earth (Utopia) with enough effort.
    5. Keep members so busy and tired that they can’t think straight.
    6. Tightly control the information members receive and dismiss anything members question about other “news.”

    These are just off the top of my head from the reading and listening I’ve done so far.

    Crazy as it seems, even those who escaped the Peoples Temple before Guyana or from Jonestown itself (during the mass murder), one of the first things they will say about Jones and The Peoples Temple is that Jones started out doing good. They can’t, even now, recognize that the trajectory to Jones’ “good intentions” could never have ended any other way. They cannot understand that their communist project in the jungle was already a huge failure even if Jones hadn’t been there. They were already slowly starving for lack of food. They were chronically ill from parasistes and viruses to which they’d never been exposed and woefully unprepared to deal with any serious medical emergency. Like Mao before them, they promoted members among them with limited medical training into positions way beyond their abilities and yet their members believed these people to be adequate medical professionals (“believe the science”, anyone?).

    I’m convinced that the Left is and always has been a cult and should be officially called that.

  13. I posted this yesterday.

    “DO the Communists that are now in total control of our country really give a rats ass what the population thinks of them anymore. They control the media, the Intelligence Agencies, Law Enforcement, and very soon the Military. If they decide to call off all Federal Elections in 2024 who’s going to stop them? Remember their big panic about what would happen if Trump wouldn’t leave the White House? They were projecting. Again.”

    And then I listen to these two idiots. Keep in mind who Mika’s father is. A confirmed communist.

    And then I read this.

    Conclusion, we’re about to lose the Republic if we haven’t already.

  14. ..there was only one guy who went to Guyana who, upon entering “The Jonestown Agricultural Project”, realized he was going into an armed encampment; that the people with rifles were there to keep him and the other members IN, not keep others out.

  15. Brad — I think we’re going to have to shoot our way out of this. Again.

    Oh, hello FBI 🙂 Or have y’all changed your name to “Gestapo”?

  16. AA

    That’s the only thing they’ve failed at, taking our guns. Those pesky states rights get in the way. However the Vax Squad maybe a test run for gun confiscation.

  17. Shut up!

    Put Murdering Joe SCARBAGE’s Meat Microphone in your mouth and try not to get concussed on the bottom of his Desk.

    Possibly the only 2 people on air that Joe Biden could out wit and out sing.

  18. It’s Trump’s job, it’s our job too! Spread the word! Get the news out! And maybe get muzzled for it. We are ambassadors for good conservative values, for a better USA.

  19. MICA – You are a Liberal Mushroom – MSNBC, Joe and the Left has been keeping you in the dark and feeding you shit most of your life! Trump will forever be alive and well in your little head!

  20. Yon hag Mika reminds me of a classic episode of “King of the Hill” when Peggy gets a job at the Arlen newspaper. The editor wants her to write a column of helpful hints, to which she says, “who to vote for & how to think?”


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