Watch: ‘It’s Absolutely Bullsh*t’ — NY Driver Reacts to George Floyd Protesters Blocking Intersection

Breitbart: A driver in New York City expressed outrage over the results of standstill traffic during a George Floyd protest occurring in Brooklyn on Friday.

“Continue filing in,” said one protester with a microphone. “Block every single street. Block every single street.”

Protesters took to the streets immediately after being informed to do so, which led to traffic backing up and frustrated drivers attempting to navigate through the city. Breitbart News, which was on the scene for the protest, spoke to one of the frustrated drivers who repeatedly honked his horn. watch

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  1. Electric cars are the solution. And by “electric“, I mean electrified on the outside.

    Bzzzt! Twitch, you purple-haired bitch.

  2. In an inner city, every time a reporter puts a mic to a complainer’s face, they should end the interview by asking who they voted for. And then hit them over the head with the mic. lol

  3. Funny how the same words coming from the mouth of a White man would be riot-provocking “Racist”!

  4. This whole post is edited now..

    Looks like I should have read other posts before posting, almost exactly what Supernightshade JUNE 6, 2020 AT 8:34 PM did.

    It really was used in S.A. back in the day.

  5. Seeing his Commie shirt, we need to bring back one particular saying..

    Only good Red is a dead Red.

    Not giving up this country that easy.

  6. Bolton Ontario Canada pop. 26,300 people.;

    I was driving through today and saw a bunch of white kids with signs at the side of the road. I thought it was a church Car wash or something similar…

    Nope! A bunch of white kids with handmade BLM signs.

    So me and my son did the right thing, rolled down the windows and yelled “GO FUCK YOURSELVES!” while giving then the Finger.

  7. I was sad to see today a friend, who is an RN, out with her son at a BLM protest. Only a week ago she was stressing the need to social distance blah blah wear a mask blah blah in all of her FB posts. She’s always been apolitical in her posts, family, friend photos etc…no lectures. This mass hysteria is enveloping just about everyone I know.

  8. Now would be a great time for someone to invent those flying cars I”ve dreamed would be mine one day. Bypass all the idiots on the ground.

  9. I seen a peanut stand, heard a rubber band
    I seen a needle that winked its eye
    But I be done seen ’bout ev’rything
    When I see a car fly

  10. It is a great time to own a truck!

    now if only every truck owner in america would begin to plow these fuckers under the rioters would stop blocking streets and instead would stand on the side of the road which brings out the 2nd line of defense from your moving truck…. throwing bags of shit at them or even ziplocks full of bleach or some other caustic household chemical.

    It is past time to take the gloves off because it is almost time to begin shooting these fuckers down in the streets and if getting hit in the face with a bag full of bleach doen not convince you to stop this crap then it really is time to start shooting because nothing is going to stop this but overwhelming force of arms.

  11. Tuesday,
    Most dumbasses cannot successfully get back and forth to work on a single plane……. you want to encourage the introduction of the vertical???? crazy talk!


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