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WATCH: Jewelry Store Owner’s Children Fight Off Smash-and-Grab Robbers

PJM: In a wild scene out of a lawless dystopian nightmare, three ordinary store clerks turned into superheroes and fought off a team of smash-and-grab robbers — even though they were unarmed and outnumbered.

The incident occurred Sunday at the Princess Bride Diamonds jewelry store in Huntington Beach, Calif. At around noon, four hooded thugs entered the store. One of them took a hammer to a glass display case, smashing it. But before the thieves could execute the “grab” part of their mission, they were set upon by the fierce store associates.

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  1. People are feed up with democrat criminals.

  2. They could install a few floor alarm mats off to one side of the normal walk path, that would automatically set off an alarm inside and out when stepped on.

  3. …pretty thoughtful of the cop to suggest the robbers bring a gun next time, thanks for that…

  4. The sooner we end dependence on police the sooner criminals will be begging for more police. Everybody wins.

  5. …of course if you make your cases too tough, the bad guys will just force you to open them. When I was working in a mall auto center a mall jewelry store got robbed at gunpont by guys pointing what looked like Uzi pistols (it was the 80’s ish and Al Pachino had popularized “My little frein'”).

    This was not long after the mall decided teenagers were cheaper than off-duty cops, so one, a, single mall security guy responded with Mace in hand to some guys pointing some 9mm tubes at him. He decided right smart that discretion was the better part of valor, and when the investigating cops showed up later they found him still under his car in the parking lot and had to talk him out…

  6. Wow, I saw the name of the store and it sounded so familiar to me.
    I was just at Bella Terra Monday night and was right near that Jewelry store.
    Good on the employees for defending their livelihood.
    That is absolutely not a high crime area – it’s really nice and I’ve lived in the area most of my life.
    It is a shame that being California people can’t protect themselves with firearms – that would have helped a great deal in situations like this.

  7. One of these days obama’s boys are going to pull that shit on an armed old person who is already headed for the last round up and has no fear of a life sentence and will take all their asses out!


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