Watch Jon Ossoff Lose The Entire Special Election Debate In Less Than Four Minutes [VIDEO]

DC: Democratic congressional candidate Jon Ossoff struggled through a brutal four minutes in Georgia’s special election debate Tuesday night after Republican Karen Handel called him out for not living in the district he is hoping to represent.

As part of the debate format, the candidates were given the opportunity to ask each other questions. Handel turned to Ossoff and asked him a question he couldn’t answer: who he was going to vote for in the special election. As someone who lives outside the district, Ossoff is unable to cast a vote for himself. MORE

SNIP: And then Ossoff went downhill quicker than Vinko Bogataj

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  1. kiss off Ossoff
    He’s living outside of the district with his girlfriend, who is going to college. Dollars to donuts, she’s benefiting from reduced tuition, and is ducking association with her boyfriend’s hedge fund gained assets. And over 90% of his campaign donations are from out of _state_, not just out of disrtict.
    Ramp it up, get it out there- in a little while it will all be over.
    As they used to say- “keep your hands on the plow!”

  2. The rules are for thee, but not for me. Haven’t we heard this somewhere before?? Oh yeah, HRC. Rules are for the little people.

  3. Ossoff: “…life-saving breast cancer screenings at Planned Parenthood.”

    I’m very surprised that ANY pol is using that old canard when it seems just about everyone in America knows what PP does (and it ain’t “breast cancer screenings”).\

    When can we just take these liars out back and dispense with them?

  4. Pregnant pause, pretending he’s taking notes in order to come back with a scathing answer and the best he can do is “is that the question”?
    What a dumbazz. But if your ability to think on your feet, coupled with the breadth of knowledge attained as Hank Guams staffer is all he’s got, he lost before he even declared.

  5. They are trying to make this a loss for Karen over the minimum wage flap. Even Hot Air is piling on. Lord, I hope this isn’t as close as the polls are saying. Hope she kicks his Ossoff.

  6. He must not have read the DNC debate manual. When asked a question like that, he needs to respond that he finds the question to be quite racist, and that the asker should apologize to the entire non-white community.

  7. Lust child of Andrew Cuomo and Anthony Carlos Danger Weiner. Arrgh, just nauseated myself with that image.

  8. Handel wins by 5 points. At least.

    Tomorrow morning, Paideia Jon and Handel have a another debate, sponsored by WABE public radio. If he shows up.

  9. We are SO TIRED of this asshole and his carpetbagger ads. I hate to tell him but that shit is losing him votes.

  10. Love the Hank Johnson quote. People in his district are idiots for keeping this stoner in office.

  11. How is it possible for someone to run for office in a district where they do not reside? Why are there no residency requirements? This should not be allowed.

  12. @anon-
    “How is it possible for someone to run for office in a district where they do not reside?”

    Ask maxine waters. she and her bankster husband (if that divorce hasn’t gone through) know how that works.
    I bet that, after this election is over and ossoff is handed his oss, he moves farther away from the district. His girlfriend, after finishing med school, will probably ditch him too.

  13. wait…Wait…..WAIT A MINUTE…..this twinkie special snowflake Osoff worked as a staffer for HANK JOHNSON?? You gotta be fuckin’ kidding me.

    Hank Johnson is the same STUPID….DUMBASS…RETARDED….BRAINLESS….IDIOTIC……CLUELESS…(I’m running out of factual insults here)….DEMOCRAT PARTY APPARATCHICK….who thought that the island of Guam somehow FLOATED and that sending an additional battalion of Marines would somehow make the ISLAND of Guam “TIP OVER”.

    True story!


  14. Couldn’t answer the basic question as he is not a resident of the congressional district, he would not be eligible to vote in the election 😜

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