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WATCH: Judge Jeanine CHILD Announcement – Audience In Shock…

Judge Jeanine just dropped one of the most tragic reports of her career.

In a special segment on Fox News, Jeanine revealed that children across America are failing test scores across America after COVID-19 lockdowns.

The news comes as conservatives tried to warn that lockdowns would harm children. It now looks like we were right all along.

Thanks, Fauci!

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  1. “Parents need to take a more active serious roll”
    Parents need to be parents and quit letting the TV and internet raise their children.
    Spitting out a baby doesn’t make you a parent.

  2. It’s part of the plan. Only shots fired during all of this were death shots. Keep the kiddies dumbed down. Pol Pot killed all the intellectuals in his country, the jab killed millions regardless of their intellectual status, and made sure children would not get an education. They did it in Warp Speed time too. Can’t be fixed just yet – if it ever will be.

  3. Here in Maine things are so bad Gov. General Mills and her DOE pal are hiding and deleting the scores and achievements of the past so all anyone sees are the poor grades currently happening.
    Our kids are down to 40% efficiency in math and reading.

  4. @beachmom September 8, 2022 at 2:57 pm

    “Our kids”

    That such obscene lies do not earn the village’s burning, earn the village’s burning.

  5. The parents that I know personally do not read books.
    And the suggestion is for these parents to teach their children?
    They can certainly teach their children to watch television and iPhones…

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