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WATCH: Megyn Kelly Goes RACIAL – “Not Even Black…”

Wow. Megyn Kelly just released some very interesting details about Black Lives Matter.

In a shocking review of Larry Edler’s documentary “Uncle Tom II,” Kelly told viewers of her show to watch the documentary to learn about the secret racism coming from the left.

The most interesting part is where Kelly reveals that the documentary taught her that the REAL leaders of BLM are “not even black.”

Do YOU think leftists are dividing the country? Comment below!

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  1. One of the most disgusting sights during the riots in 2020, was Romney marching with these violent criminal racists!

  2. Another of the most disgusting sights during those riots is the white people, even the FBI and politicians, that took a knee to BLM because they demanded it. And don’t forget the statues, that we helped pay for with taxes, that were torn down with no consequences.

  3. Burn Loot Murder was based on a lie. Why is anyone surprised at its 100% opportunistic, Leftist characteristics?

    The Left justifies every act of societal destruction on a wholly-fabricated social injustice.

  4. The left believes blacks are of such low intelligence that they can be used as tools to create violence and divisiveness across the country. I wish to God blacks would wake up and realize this.

  5. ⬆️⬆️⬆️
    Charlie had mental issues associated being raised by a single mother who was a prostitute. Also was a CIA MK Ultra dupe. While it doesn’t excuse his criminal behavior, it’s an explanation…which is lacking amongst the white lib college educated dupes.

  6. “ he left believes blacks are of such low intelligence that they can be used as tools to create violence and divisiveness across the country. I wish to God blacks would wake up and realize this”

    Wow. So aggregate statistics on who commits which violent crimes in America don’t speak for themselves?

    FBI’s Uniform Crime Report (which, in election years, is skewed by virtually 100% black populated counties like Baltimore city and Prince George’s in Maryland withholding data) shows a pretty much CONSTANT 70+ percent of ALL violent crime across America committed by black citizens, predominantly male, so maybe 10 percent (male plus fraction of females busting up fast food joints over cold fries) of our US population – being black – commit over 70% of all violent crime?

    Doesn’t seem like they need any help, prodding or sharpening to be their OWN tools for the left.

  7. Forget the Diversity etc. BS. What the Dimmies and the MSM are projecting is Misinformation. Alienation and Disintegration.

  8. WE ARE AMERICANS. Faith in God the Father, Faith in the constitution, and a true understanding that WE will see all these issues to there righteous end. HOPE for deliverance and stand your ground. Yes, bad forces have taken control of our government, but with prayer and fearless determination – WE TAKE IT BACK. God the Father is our true government. If we turn to him we cannot lose and everyone (even Democrats) will prosper. Get rid of the negative thoughts – we must rise to be the “Greatest Generation”.

  9. Black Losers Matter ? Well yes pawns always matter because they are useful ! But for the media, FBI, CIA, liberals, etc. to take a knee while these thugs burned down cities is indefensible !

  10. White Marxists just implemented the Margaret Sanger Master Race model for “Change”. I knew about this for a long time since my leftist, radical days in the 70s – years before this film.
    Still, this film and the first one are crucial for current generations to see. Millennials, Gen X and Gen Zs are particularly clueless about how communism has influenced the American culture and political system.

    Here’s a short overview of what I understood a long time ago about how Marxism operates to cause disruption.
    First, through extortion, threaten white leftist politicians with violence or exposure if they don’t support new “liberation” movement.

    Then, get Black leftist “community leaders” to persuade ignorant, grifting leftard black church leader (who don’t know God or read the Bible) to infect their congregations with socialist doctrine. Too many of these churches, unfortunately.

    Eventually, criminal organizations, gangs etc. are in on the take and are weaponized to inflicted violence and corruption for the purpose of intimidation. Resulting in destruction and death.

    Old wrinkle updated by BLM added to the divide and conquer mix – prop up a few dead black criminals to sainthood to vilify law enforcement. Strategy – Condemn what is a deterant to crime so that criminal activity increases – riots, looting, property destruction, murders and criminal enclaves – CHAZ.

    The left is well organized and skilled at manipulating the weak and ignorant. Conservatism is the solution. However, too many have walked away from the truth.

  11. The Democrat Party along with their liberal conspirators including the simpleton Joe Biden who’s been a longtime and eager associate of “real racists” have all been created and built upon the vile sinister creeds of the Ku Klux Klan. This evil hate group which Biden secretly applauds have changed their tactics and methods to covertly engage racism, extermination, anihilation, and segregation against blacks and minorities by weaponizing federal agencies, vaccines, disease, schooling, food, supplies and a host of other sly methods with which to target and race-cleanse.

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