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WATCH: Mitch McConnell BACKSTABS Trump On Camera – Remove Him Now!

Mitch McConnell has betrayed the Republican Party for far too long.

In a shocking display of abandonment when the party needs him most, McConnell literally REFUSED to answer questions about the FBI’s recent raid of Donald Trump’s home in Florida.

McConnell instead said he wanted to talk about the weather!

Mitch McConnell is a disgrace. He doesn’t serve the Republican Party anymore.

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  1. Trump has one thing left to do, announce he is a candidate. That will free the GOP from supporting his legal sorry ass.

  2. You’d think the people of Kentucky would get tired of him enriching his own life at their expense. Guess not.
    Once again, IMO, the onus lies with those who blindly vote for an incumbent.

  3. The only good thing he did was keep Garland from Supreme Court, bu now, unfortunately we have the bastard raiding President Trump.

  4. While I am no fan of McConnell, when you are at a press conference for a specific thing I understand not allowing questions outside of that thing. It’s akin to reporters repeatedly demanding that Trump disown ‘white supremacy’, when he had done so many times in the past.
    McConnell has called for ‘a thorough and immediate explanation’ of the action.

  5. Please, ‘a thorough and immediate explanation’ Give me a break. Schumer would have his hair on fire were it Obama getting his crib raided. One thing about the dems, they stick together.

  6. Another golden opportunity to shine a light on this “administrations” continuous one-sided vendetta and corruption against Trump.
    Being a smarmy RINO, Turtlefuck gave that a pass.
    Disgusting poseur.
    One thing you can say about democrats; at least they stick with the party, even if the cement is their own fecal matter.

  7. Maybe Kentucky doesn’t elect him. The GOP cheats in primaries. I was more convinced of that when I started talking to members of my state legislature. Most ignored me, but some of them got very angry and after they were done with their angry tirades of how secure our elections are and how dare I claim they weren’t. I’d ask them why just asking for audits makes them so angry if they have nothing to hide?
    I also contacted several county election boards, they also visibly get angry. Again no reason to get angry if there is nothing to hide. I didn’t even discuss audits with them, just asked about the process.

  8. Had GWB’s Mitch been removed2. years ago Watergate Act 2
    would not have been played. Forget not that GWB’s man “worked night and day” to confirm A.G. Garland!

    Mitch, like Bush, has hated conservatives for decades!
    BUT – MITCH ABD BUSH HAVE NEVER HID THEIR HATE OF CONsERVaTIVEs! HE DID NOT BACK STAB! He has been “up front” with this leftist agenda!
    had he prevent Garland’ confirmation; and then done this – that would be a stab in the back!
    Pence is a back stabber; not Mitch!

  9. “Mitch McConnell is a disgrace. He doesn’t serve the Republican Party anymore.”

    Actually he has served the GOP. They are self-serving squishes, their mission is self-enrichment and stepping aside every time the Left advances their agenda. Every time.

    What makes him a despicable, hellbound POS, is that he leads a Party which pretends to represent conservative Americans (60% imo) and gets away with lying to America almost everytime he opens his piehole.
    If he functioned thus ANYWHERE outside the shelter of our criminal government, he’d be rubbing elbows with Jimmy Hoffa.

  10. rePUBliecants and demoncrats……
    both combined to destroy the Tea Party……
    and they’ve tried to do it again to MAGA.

    The uniparty is for the uniparty.

  11. Backstabed by a buttfucker, could be worse in the new monkeypox world.
    For those that didn’t know, Mitch McConnell was kicked out of the military for sodomy.

  12. The people of KY have had a demanding history and, despite the ordeal, they came through. Time for KY to recall this POS.

  13. A: No matter how evil the enemy, the traitor is worse.
    Q: Why do I have more anger towards DC RINOs than DC Dems?

  14. Mitch since I can no longer get close enough, when you’re jabbing him in the back give him a few for me, Thanks!

  15. When are they going to raid Bitch’s house to find out just how his and his wife’s ties are to the Chi-coms.

  16. Whenever McConnell stabs us in the back it’s “remove him now” but nobody does. No impeachment, no punishment. Why is there a GOP whip? Instead he stays…and is even reelected. Nothing changes and nobody is held to account. Unless they’re innocent.

  17. Its a shame that career politicians lose sight of the fact that they are REALLY supposed to be helping “We the People” .. instead of MultiNational Corporations or Globalist Interests…If the Constitution were followed .. 90 percent of our problems would go away .

  18. I have responded to every fundraising letter the Republicans send me by writing ” Not a Pence until McConnell and McCarthy are out of Republican leadership. I include a penny cut in half.

  19. McConnelll has long since been one of society’s vulgar lowlifes whose only interest is in himself and how much publicity he can attract. Like Joe Biden, McConnell has never done anything for anyone unless it benefits himself.

  20. It doesn’t matter what you think, serfs. McConnell is married to a Chinese shipping company family and that is that. He will work to shut you down in the advancement of his own goals.

  21. Republicans and America are losing because of clowns like McConnell, career politicians with no interest in the preservation of the USA, its culture, its prosperity, its dignity. McConnell helped lead us to $30 trillion in debt, a lawless administrative state, un-Constitutional rule, and Joe Bidenheimer as President. McConnell wants no other above his power and he particularly hates President Trump for diminishing McConnell’s role in the Republican party. America can’t recover until the disease of career politicians immune from the trials and tribulations government imposes on the people are jettisoned from our lives.

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