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WATCH: Mitt Romney Announces FREE CHECKS For Illegals!

This is real.

Mitt Romney has just announced a plan for the government to pay poor families to start BABY MILLS. But that’s not the worst part!

Romney is also planning to give taxpayer money to families with ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS to have more children on American soil.

This is madness. It’s so moronic that only Mitt Romney himself could’ve dreamed this up!

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  1. Time to recall this commie. Let him give his own fortune to whomever he wishes, but he doesn’t control OUR money!

    Come on, Utah. Kick him out.

  2. It’s even worse when you consider that the overwhelming majority of Illegals are male!

  3. Wow, he just made Gavin Newsom look conservative.

  4. Now is the time to bounce him out (you know, strike when the iron is hot) but unfortunately he isn’t up for re-election this time around.

  5. American Citizens only. Thank you very much. How about free ubers for Momma checkups? No State line issues at all. Help America First and make America great again.

  6. And maybe he can strap them to the top of his car and drive them from Texas to Utah!

  7. WATCH: Mitt Romney Announces FREE CHECKS For Illegals!

    It’s obvious what Romney’s doing here. He’s proselytizing for membership in the Mormon church, so illegals can wear sacred underwear just like him. Romney was a Mormon missionary in France – that’s where he embraced socialism.

  8. So, as it turns out, the difference between candidates in 2012 was a few angstroms.
    We were f-cked either way.

  9. We just had record inflation because of government spending money we do not have and here is Romney wanting to make it worse (assuming the clip is recent). Maybe if the Federal Gov’t could quit wasting so much money and let us keep more of our money then we might be able to afford to have more children because the economy would be more robust. Mittens wants it to go the opposite way.

  10. continue to be very happy with my ’12 vote. NOt for the Bush man Mitt.

  11. If Mittens gets primaried I bet the little toad comes back as a Democrat.

  12. F*ck him. I’m ashamed I reluctantly voted for that asshat once.

  13. First of all, does anyone on Sen. Romney’s staff know about Title 8, USC? In the Walter-McCarran Immigration & Nationality Act of 1952, it specifically excludes people who will become dependents of the state from entering our country. Also, Citizenship by birth is wrong. In section 301 of the act, it says that you acquire citizenship by being born in the United States and being subject to the Jurisdiction thereof. This guy needs to be primaried now!!!

  14. One more thing. It occurred to me that if an alien is living in the United States, how come they need welfare? Why would anyone want to live in the United States and collect assistance? Are there any other countries ( beside the European Union) that allow aliens to come in and collect public assistance?

  15. MITT ROMNEY has long been polluted, corrupt, bribed, compromised, and self-serving so this comes as no surprise. That is his lot, and no better.

  16. Yo, Mittster. You come up with a plan that forces democrats/communists to pay for this plan and I’ll support your stupid commie ass. Effin loser. Do America a favor. Wrap all your Brigham Young undies around your air head. Real tight. You are a disgrace to your faith. You are to the Mormons what Biden and Pelosi are to the Catholic church.

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