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WATCH: Mitt Romney Calls For TAKEOVER – “Social Engineering…”

This video is downright scary.

In an interview with Sutherland Institute, Romney claimed that the only reason “social engineering” fails is because socialist leaders have bad goals.

“We’re just saying, no… Get rid of that!”

Instead, Romney wants to introduce his socialist plan with taxpayer dollars to pay people for merely having children.

Romney says that he wants to use “social engineering” using socialist payout programs to change America’s demographics.

This comes just a few days after he announced that families with illegal immigrants should get free money in his government handouts.

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  1. If this asshole gets reelected, everyone in Utah(UTAH!!!) that votes for him needs to hold their breath…forever.

    I swear, if green, oozing pus had a face…

  2. Just another stinkin’ reason these damn Rinos have got to go. 😡

    Seriously you almost have to think they’re worse than the Commie Dems

  3. I honestly don’t get this asshole.

    My Mormon friends/customers are absolutely fantastic, clean, kind & professional.
    Where the F@CK did they get this Inbreed?

  4. Having large families isn’t a bad thing, if you can afford them, and when it’s not dictated by some fucking mormon.

  5. Kcir

    But they vote how the church tells them to. The Church of The Latter Day Saints is a globalist operation.

  6. After WWII in France they used to give women a Presidential Medal when they had more than a certain number of babies. I don’t know if they got money too. Birth rates did go up. That’s what socialist countries do. There is the ruling class of people who are “our betters” and then there are the working slobs who support the whole system.

  7. My Friend who is a Bishop in that church tells me, ” We believe in the Death Penalty and we let God sort it all out.”

    He never swears, & is one of our most loyal People.

    I honestly know very little about them.

    Cheers all.

  8. Romney is worse than a dem/communist he is a RINO everything he touches turns to S— Why did the people elect this moron is it just because he is Mormon they would better off with a mafia Don Romney is a damned fool just like Biteme

  9. Let’s not forget that mitt is the son of Marion Romney whose Elise were made very clear in his speech regarding the United order. There is a perfect example of the old outage that you can’t serve two masters. Conflating the more benign term social engineering with government overreach should be investigated in many of the programs purged

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