WATCH: Moore Accusers Have Ties to Drug Dealers and Washington Post

OAN EXCLUSIVE – Just 2 weeks ahead of the Alabama Senate race, One America News uncovers shocking ties between Roy Moore accusers and a major news organization.
One America’s Pearson Sharp has the exclusive report and reveals how …
one woman’s ties to drug dealers throws her whole story into question.


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6 Comments on WATCH: Moore Accusers Have Ties to Drug Dealers and Washington Post

  1. All these leftists trying to take down Moore are all feeding from, or have fed from the same trough.

    I’m thinking of a Jim Jones analogy here.

  2. Anybody with hair like that HAS to be a liar. LOL.
    I can imagine them all meeting at Denny’s planning how to screw over Roy Moore. And I bet Gloria Allred walked out before the bill came. What a pathetic bunch.

  3. Now lets see the connection between McCONnell, the Senate Campaign Committee he controls and the Washington Post and those who pay the alleged victims.

  4. Could the compensation for all these liars be buried somewhere in the $32 million the big doofus spend on a campaign, which he lost. hahaha! Ol’ Mitch is not qualified to be in any kind of leadership position, if the truth were known he probably cannot spell leadership.

  5. I think it should be mandatory that every time a media outlet mentions Roy Moore, they must show at least 30 seconds of this woman with the lemon snow cone hair. No audio, just video.


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