WATCH: Ocasio-Cortez HUMILIATED On National TV – “Rich White Ladies!” – IOTW Report

WATCH: Ocasio-Cortez HUMILIATED On National TV – “Rich White Ladies!”

Fox News is holding no punches!

On Tuesday. Fox News host Rachel Campos Duffy ROASTED Sandy Cortez for her blatant hypocrisy on the illegals in her district.

“She did the same thing the rich white liberal secularist women did on Martha’s Vineyard. She said, ‘Get’em out of here!’ And that’s what happened. And I think that’s the thing about AOC. She really is not Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. She’s Sandy. She thinks just like the liberal white ladies on Martha’s Vineyard. And that’s why she said last week that abortion is an economic issue. She frets about having kids because of the weather. She’s worried about climate change… She’s a hypocrite!”

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  1. La Retardada will have forgotten all about it by this morning. Libs in general have only a very small proportion of their brains dedicated to “the past” and when you look at a brain as small as Sandy’s the history part is maybe ten or twelve gray cells.

  2. AOC never, ever gets in a situation where she has to debate someone, because she is smart enough to know that she would be humiliated. So every time she is in front of a camera it is with the certainty that there will be no pushback on anything she says.

  3. When yer an asshole, inevitably someone on the other team will say so.
    When yer a complete asshole, somebody on yer own team is going to call you out on it!

  4. Less than four years on Congress, and this moronic cunt is worth $20 million. The democrats in Congress are a criminal organization.


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