Watch Part of A Mall Being Constructed in Mexico City Completely Fall Apart


29 Comments on Watch Part of A Mall Being Constructed in Mexico City Completely Fall Apart

  1. They got the plans confused and built the mall the same way they wanted to build the wall – collapse at any time

  2. Mexican engineering and labor with Chinese materials. Throw in a dash of gravity and instant Youtube hit.

  3. Somebody knew it was going to happen. The camera was not stationary, but was hand held and panned…somebody was holding it.

    What’s up with that?

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  5. @ma so karaoke: Easy for YOU to say!

    P.S. – We don’t want to sing Karaoke in Vietnamese or any other language. Go back to commenting as “anonymous” so you can be more easily identified and ignored.


  6. Never buy a house from “home investors”.
    You know the kind. They have hand written
    magic marker signs “Chad buys houses as is”
    on telephone poles.They hire some cheap illegals
    to do all the repair work.Mostly chalking and
    paint.I have seen some very dangerous electrical
    work done by illegals that might as well try their
    hand at brain surgery.

  7. With all of the corruption down there, You just know that most of the

    quality materials were sold out the back door..Inspectors paid off

    sort of like Miami..


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