WATCH: Pete Buttigieg Supporters Cannot Name Any Achievements


EAST POINT, GEORGIA — Supporters of South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg formed the largest contingent of demonstrators outside the fifth Democrat debate Wednesday evening — but had trouble naming any of his achievements.

Breitbart News Senior editor-at-large Joel Pollak ventured into the crowd to speak to Buttigieg fans — as well as supporters of businessman Andrew Yang and former Vice President Joe Biden, the other two campaigns represented outside the Tyler Perry Studios. MORE

24 Comments on WATCH: Pete Buttigieg Supporters Cannot Name Any Achievements

  1. Giggybutts should inform his supporters whether he is a pitcher or a catcher. It would clarify his only real ‘achievements’.

  2. He went to fancy lad school, got elected to Mayor in nowhere of consequence and goes antiquing with his husband.

    It’s like Norman Rockwell and Barney Frank had a baby.

  3. Many voters only care about his expensive haircut, that’s very important – – image you know. That is what it takes to be a president. sar

  4. Uhh .. he wunce had a 12 shoved down his troat and din’t gag ……….
    An he tookin a Steely Dan up his bum without wincing …… I seen that myseff!
    mussa been 24 inches long and 3 in diametric!

    He had tears in his eyes but jus made these weird gigglin sounds ………

  5. …well, he and other men take turns ramming their joint into each other’s anuses…considering that “Gay Pride” means they are PROUD of this, I guess THEY consider it an “Achievement”…

    …you know, another Democrat gets into the White House, then the Purple Heart that that MISTER Vindman goes on about so much will be awarded for the gay service members chafing each other’s asses during foxhole buggery…seems likely that Vindman would have MULTIPLE stars for THAT were he serving – uh, “under” – a president Buttgay, pretty sure he’d be ALL up for that…

  6. He always has a scowl on his face. I’ve never seen that before. Watch him when he smiles on camera- the second before his face relaxes he has a scowl, too. That is general butthurt (heh), passive aggression, sadness, and lack of self worth.

    I knew he was crazy when he first joined the race and came out swinging at Mike Pence. Mike Pence did nothing personal to him. After that, he started to trash Christians, and then joined the gang and started trashing Whites. That is a hateful dude.

  7. …see, if Hillary was President, she could be giving him one of those fake ribbons like Barry did Obama, then they could call THAT an achievement…it’s like what college degrees are now, it’s liberals rewarding other liberals for being liberal, they’ve cheapened just about EVERYTHING and moved them SO far off their original meaning that they’ll probably start awarding Oscars for witness acting in a fake impeachment trial and Grammys for the pussy hat that screams at the sky the loudest during a Trump rally, then call THOSE “achevements”…

  8. Why are democrat lgbt’s so racist? Cory Booker is a Black gay but he’s not getting any love from the alphabet people. What’s up with that? Racists!

  9. Obama 2.0. You can’t find an Obama-ite that can tell you an achievement Obama had. Many fallback to the first black POTUS. Well Mayor Pete equally unqualified with the one ‘achievement’ first gay man to run for POTUS that we know of (arguable Obama had that one too).

  10. Amazingly, Mr. Butt has more accomplishments than Obama and Clinton combined: becoming mayor of Podunk USA is at least something he did on his own, and not because of Saudi keepers or by paying bribes.

    And unlike Obama and Clinton, he came out of the closet.

  11. NIdahoCatholic
    NOVEMBER 21, 2019 AT 12:58 PM
    “Successfully extracted a gerbil after the string broke?”

    …nah, a REAL Democrat would just abandon their, uh, “partner”, go get another one that same night, and deny they ever KNEW the FIRST one, with automatic assurance that the enemedia, Snopes, and PolitiFraud will fully back their story, whatever the story may BE at the moment…

  12. Having no achievements and being gay was a winning strategy for Obama. Except, Pete Buttigieg lacks BHO’s appeal to black voters, and white voters with “white guilt”.


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