Watch: Police and Journalists Attacked During Swedish School Riot


[…] Öhman described how the events unfolded saying: “It was pretty uncomfortable. It happened before we got on our helmets and the attack came as a bolt from the blue. Had anyone got hit in the head it would have been bad.”

The fight that took place on Friday, which authorities say led to the Monday riot, is also mentioned on the Swedish police website with the police describing it as “messy” and saying that two factions of young men fought with each other.  Police did not identify the origins of the suspects involved on Friday or Monday, through video footage obtained by Swedish paper Nerikes Allehanda shows men who look to be of a foreign background.  MORE

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  1. More fake news! These refugees are the finest people in the world! If only the swedish school girls had dressed more modestly, this wouldn’t have been necessary.

  2. I have a simple question. Why can’t the refugees/migrants clean up their own countries? I see NO REASON WHOSOFUCKEVER to have to do it for them. Send them back to countries of origin.

  3. Sorry. Bored with Sweden. The stupid shall be punished. You let it happen Sweden. Don’t look to me for pity and especially not intervention.

    Thanks for your national contribution to western civilization.
    Abba. Yeah. That alone justifies your anihilation.

    /kinda kidding. But not on the Abba part

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