WATCH: Raucous Q & A with Pamela Geller New York Young Republicans Club

Despite terror-linked CAIR’s best efforts to shut down the event in accordance with Islamic law, freedom prevailed.

3 Comments on WATCH: Raucous Q & A with Pamela Geller New York Young Republicans Club

  1. Are we detecting a faint pulse? Can sanity still be resuscitated in New York? Probably not, but it does indicate that there are a lot of people even in leftist strongholds like New York that’ll stand and be counted.

  2. “Freedom is the sure possession of those alone who have the courage to defend it.” – Pericles

  3. The obliteration of the delineation line drawn between radical Islam and the regular old fashioned Muhammad inspired Islam is so crucial in understanding the real threat. Like Martin Luther and his 95 theses, it needs to be nailed to the church doors of all nonpractitioners as a warning.

    Regular Islam is practiced by those that realize their religion is nuts but like the cool food and subjugating women so they just go along for the perks. Radical Muslims actually believe all the crazed lunatic pronouncements of their holy book and actively work to enact the Caliphate and smite those that their book tells them to smite. It’s not murder if Mohammad wills it, it is a calling that the pure in heart willingly accepts, and those 72 virgins in the end ain’t bad either.


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