Watch something funny [And get nagged for it at the same time]

Married With Children Moments They’d Never Get Away With Now.

Here are Al Bundy’s Best Insults. (Nag-free.)

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  1. I actually have to admit that I did not watch that show for the fact that they often did take things a bit too far. Humor has its limits.

  2. Huh… I didn’t think any of it was offensive or misogynistic. If you can’t laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at? I dunno why we have to keep up this charade tiptoeing around obese people suggesting they are perfectly normal and healthy; pretending ugly af women are beautiful. This is why there’s no motivation to be better and it feeds on itself, making more obese and ugly women.

    Progressives…. why there’s nothing good on TeeVee.

  3. People like Nikki Swift need to keep quiet. It didn’t hurt her that this show was popular. She most likely wasn’t aware of it at the time it aired. She’s a nosy nag who believes her opinions and ideas to be cultural saviors.

    I can do without any know-it-all do-gooders who think they owe it to the world to tell people how they should (or worse, should have) thought, felt, looked or anything else.

    Mind your own business!

  4. Funny how the “Moral Majority” went after mwc and the effect was to make it more popular, running for 11 or 12 years.
    Today the “Liberal” agenda would cause it’s cancellation before the end of the pilot episode.
    I watch reruns nightly, after work on GetTV. It’s still the funniest thing on tv.
    Anybody know where I can get me a Ferguson?

  5. Never watched it even once and now I’m sorry I didn’t. Couldn’t watch the whole video above– I couldn’t stand the narration. Wish they had just shut up and showed the clips. I get that none of them fit today’s political correctness standards and don’t need to have that repeatedly explained to me.

  6. I am also one who never watched that program. I thought it was vulgar and stupid just like Beavis and Butthead and even South Park. I like my humor to be funny and not laced with all sorts of sexual innuendos, double entendres and dirty jokes.

  7. What happened to AWD?
    My mental health required me to stay off the internet for a long time and I just realized “The Dude” doesn’t seem to be on anymore…

  8. I used to watch it every Sunday night until the last couple of years when it went downhill. The wife and I were Al & Peggy for Halloween 1 year. Mrs Mojo went all out and looked great. Since I hate Halloween all I did was wear a t-shirt that Al wore once that said: “Shoot Me, I’m Married”.


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