WATCH: Texas Military Forces Begin Border Barrier Construction

Breitbart: Texas Governor Greg Abbott tweeted a video showing the beginning of the State’s new border barriers. The building of fences along unsecured sections of the Texas-Mexico border is part of the plan recently announced by the governor to begin arresting and jailing migrants for violating Texas law.

Governor Abbott tweeted a Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) showing Texas Military Forces work crews beginning the process of building fencing along an unsecured section of the state’s border with Mexico.

Abbott said the fencing is being built along private property with the permission of the landowners.

“Texas will keep communities across the state safe.” the governor wrote in his message.

Officials with the governor’s office told Breitbart Texas the construction is taking place in the Del Rio Sector. The first project will add about 1.2 miles of fencing in the unsecured area. more

12 Comments on WATCH: Texas Military Forces Begin Border Barrier Construction

  1. You know what else stops illegal immigration?
    Shoot to kill orders. lol
    But mostly cut off every dollar to illegals and barely legals and
    Finish the wall.

  2. For the most part, a double row of tall chain link fence topped with razor wire, and a few guards, keep inmates pretty well contained in correctional facilities.
    I see no problem using this on the border.

  3. Just plow the dirt along the fence and put “Danger Land Mines!!!! (Pelagro!!! mines de terra!!!) sperad some fake body parts aroundand, plant some of the flash bangs we used in Basic Training on the obsticale course that spread bags of fake blood when they go off and pop them ocassionally using motion detectors. Pay some latinos big bucks to spread rumors that they have seen the carnage to “Undocumented Persons” that tried to cross.

  4. Double fence with either crocodiles, if one of the fences is in water, or feral pit bulls if they are both on dry land.

  5. Gov. ABBOTT IS JUST GIVING LIP SERVICE TO THE BORDER PROBLEM. if he was sincere he would post the Texas National Guard at the border and protect the citizens living in that area.

  6. Seize the southern bank of the Rio Grande and then massive construction of a new major shipping canal all the way to El Paso. The security requirements will then be inherent to protect all that big, beautiful commerce.

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