Watch: Toobin is Back On Air – Wonder If Anyone Shook His Hand?

26 Comments on Watch: Toobin is Back On Air – Wonder If Anyone Shook His Hand?

  1. Maybe he can get together with soy boy cuck below and they can jack off as his “girlfriend” has sex in the other room.

  2. he should have to register as a sex offender/pervert, and they should have a disclaimer before anything he does

    I wonder is he went to the same therapy place as weiner, where they ride ponies

  3. thinking about this for a second, I realized this might be an astute marketing move by cnn. People will tune in, hoping he does it again.
    Lies don’t seem to be working for them, so now they’re trying a new approach

  4. Strangers first impression after hand shake.”Hell of a grip, palm’s a little greasy and soft though”.

  5. Hey.

    It’s CNN. A collection of the biggest jackoffs ever assembled.

    Who cares? If you prefer leftist news porn you’re probably OK with the daily handjob.

    Why do we even talk about these people anymore?

  6. Unless you’re a fine ass chick, masturbating in front of anything recordable is a super special pee wee Herman. And he gets his job back on camera…

  7. It was a short stroke of genius for Toobin to discus his Zoom wanking episode like this. I think he showed a lot of spunk. His return may require the tissues get broken out. But that’s just a shot in the dark.


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