WATCH: Trump, Biden MEETING Bombshell – Viewers In Shock… – IOTW Report

WATCH: Trump, Biden MEETING Bombshell – Viewers In Shock…

Holy cow. This is actually happening.

CNN’s panelists are now suggesting that Joe Biden should invite Donald Trump to meet with him and attend the funeral of Queen Elizabeth.

Jake Tapper supports the idea of a bipartisan meeting, saying it would be “clever” of Biden to invite Trump.

Do YOU think Trump should be invited to the Queen’s funeral? Comment below!

22 Comments on WATCH: Trump, Biden MEETING Bombshell – Viewers In Shock…

  1. Biden better be careful, Trump might say yes. That might be all it takes to put that TRAITOROUS BASTARD over the edge. Can you imagine the pressure Trump would put on biden just by his presence.

  2. An invitation for President Trump to attend the Queen’s funeral should come from her family. For Joey or his handlers to make such an invitation would be hideously improper, and would be seen as totally improper, rude, and presumptuous.

    I hope that DJT does get such an invitation, and if so I hope that he would attend.

  3. It would be beneficial if the real President of the United States of America would be present. Biden should stay in his basement.

  4. Accepting an invitation by Biden as a part of a delegation is an insult. That would look like Trump recognizes Biden as the POS.
    Screw him.
    Now if the Royal Family personally invited Trump, that is a different matter.

  5. “An invitation for President Trump to attend the Queen’s funeral should come from her family.”

    Yeah. Why would Biden have control over that in the first place?

    Did he give a permission slip to everyone attending the funeral?

  6. I didn’t say it well. Trump needs no permission from the drooling idiot to attend this funeral. Trump could piss on Biden’s leg at the casket and more than half of the country would cheer.

    I still didn’t say it well.

  7. although I wish PDT would get an invite & attend … just look at all the bs surrounding the ‘dis-invitation’ of NutMeg

    my $0.02, if they invite any other living past president, they should invite Trump

  8. The royal family is WEF and Charlie is big time one of them. They may pretend to be dignified but they are just as devious and deceitful as any mafioso.

  9. And no invites for barry, slick willie, john effin kerry etc. and definitely not joey because they would all steal the limelight and make it all about themselves and not Queen Elizabeth. Trump should go if invited because he’s a real gentleman and was liked by the Queen, the other phonies aren’t. Besides a whole lot of world leaders, celebrities etc. at the Queens funeral would make it a prime target for terrorists. The Royal family just needs to make it a private funeral with TV coverage and give the Queen a private sendoff at her funeral.

  10. super toe nailed it. Any acceptance of an offer from the anti Christ legitimizes the anti Christ.
    Invite Mike and his Faggot partner Obama to go with. After all, the once gave her a monogrammed Barbecue as a gift. Not to mention a recording of the fags favorite anti American speeches.
    All this for a FAG?

  11. You know the Bushes will probably be there. Maybe Obama.
    That would be ratings gold to have Trump there too.
    Even attention whore Obama would be in the shadows if Trump goes.

  12. Can hardly wait for Biden to fart in the presence of Camilla, like he did last time. Ever see a picture of this event? You see two British ladies looking at Biden with total disgust, and Biden with the blissful expression of a two year who just shit in his diaper.

  13. Which brings up this old joke

    After Joe farted in Camillas presence, the Queen cried out “This is an outrage, Mr President, you just farted before my daughter in law”

    And Joe responded, “Sorry, Queenie, I didnt know it was her turn”


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