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WATCH: U.S. Ship ATTACKED – Government Responds…

Tensions with Iran have reached a boiling point…

The Pentagon announced Tuesday Iran had been caught stealing an unmanned U.S. drone ship in the Arabian Gulf overnight. Video footage has been released of the incident.

The Iranian ship cut the line towing the U.S. drone ship after being confronted by a U.S. patrol ship and a Sea Hawk helicopter.

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  1. The Iranian vessel should be enjoying the view from the bottom of the sea. No reason to pussyfoot around these assholes.

  2. Didn’t they install a self-destruct? Maybe they need to watch some old Star Trek shows….

    And be sure to make it a large explosion, and wait until they take it to their harbor.

  3. Joe Biden was Quoted as saying:

    Today the Unisted States resposned to Iramiam Aggreshim in The Gulf Buy Lunching “Operation Fuck All”

  4. Jean-Pierre Further added, after Questioning by Peter Doocy:

    “The Mission was very successful and achieved this administration objectives Peter of maintaining peaceful & stable shipping routes in the area.”

    Furthermore Peter, If you would listen to what the President Really said, he called it, “Operation Freedom for All”

    “No. No. NO! Peter. Peter! I don’t need to watch his speech. I know what he said and you are being misleading by misquoting the President.”

  5. I’m sure the penalty will be quite severe. Biden will probably only send three pallets of cash, instead of the usual four.

  6. Will chickenshit joe pull an LBJ and declare another Gulf Of Tonkin incident? The Navy should’ve fired one shot across their bow and then blown those fuckers to hell where they belong.

  7. Makes me wonder how many of those things the Iranians havenstolen before this “win” by our navy.

    And let me guess: The ship captain is a black lesbian, the helicopter pilot is non-binary and the combat awards are being doled out like halloween candy.

  8. Thirdtwin,

    I would bet that the Captain & the Heli Captain are waiting for November More than WE are.

    Cheers, It WILL TURN!

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