Watchdog asks feds to investigate university, Biden center for millions in anonymous China donations

The group says the university is in violation of federal disclosure laws

The complaint, filed by the National Legal and Policy Center, says that over the past three years, the university has accepted around $22 million in anonymous funding from Chinese sources. That’s out of a total of more than $70 million from Chinese donors during that time, the NLPC said. 

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  1. Of course the university is in violation of the law: it’s been bought by the ChiComms!

    Biden, feinstein, obama, clinton, kerry, pelosi and the like are bought and paid for. The ENTIRE democrat party is. And a LOT of the GOP is.

    We have more to fear from traitors within our government than any ChiComm nuke.

  2. Isn’t it high time the president simply creates another Cabinet position and be done with it? Secretary of_______ .

  3. The Washington money vacuum runs 24/7. Power, money, greed and CYA lies, that’s what us taxpayer slaves are losing out to.

  4. China wants what Nazi Germany failed to do. They don’t want a fight with US until they are fully ready but they are flashing their hand more openly at this point.

    30 years of saying “nice doggie” to us, buying our politicians who know they’ll be dead before the chickens come home to roost.

    If we can’t isolate them now, it’s going to be too late. I’m not convinced this wasn’t a biological warfare exercise and a wargame to see how we react. Their military leaders have openly talked about using these against us in the recent past. They’ve subverted our colleges, stolen so many secrets and could cripple us with medical boycotts. They use the virus they created to expand their reach in the South Pacific, border with India and crackdown on protesters. While the world is distracted by social distancing, they are making moves.

    Can we even comprehend how they are exploiting the information hacked from the Office of Personnel Management? It had everything to target any government employee for blackmail. Not a smidge of scandal. No one held accountable.

    Treat them like the enemy they are. They say they are in a life and death struggle with us. We know they’re putting people in concentration camps. We know they’re disappearing political prisoners and harvesting their organs. The HK protesters will be put down like Tiananmen. They are inhuman and get to keep a seat at the table.

    How would the 1946 world have treated Germany in 1936 if they knew these things were already going on? Because what’s going on now is bad enough to warrant Nazi Germany treatment now.

    They are racial supremacist communist ideologues bent on world domination. And our people are just like, why can’t we be friends and get along because mutual interests both-win strategies?

  5. Declare Amnesty to anyone Who steps forward and admits to being

    under Chinese control…This includes Congress…No Prosecution, but

    also no Pension…and They’d be Voted out soon after.

    If China wanted to put boots on the ground in the USA…They’d come

    through Canada,


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