Watching the latest jihad attacks in the UK and France

UK: Counter-terror probe as man armed with knives and axe arrested near army reserve base.

A man armed with knives and an axe has been arrested by counter-terror police outside Kidderminster’s army reserve base.

West Midlands counter-terror chiefs are investigating after the 23-year-old man was arrested on Sunday night.


UK: Muslim screaming “Allahu akbar” attacks police, “not being treated as terror related”

“Just witnessed a Man trying to attack an officer at Paddington Station whilst shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ and other foreign words #LondonAttack”:

But the London paper didn’t mention any of that.

Paris: Anti-terror police called in as car “explodes” after crashing into police van.

Police in Paris are advising the public to stay away from the Champs-Elysées on Monday afternoon after a vehicle reportedly exploded after crashing into a police van.

15 Comments on Watching the latest jihad attacks in the UK and France

  1. Yes, tsunami, why would a government allow the country’s people to be sitting ducks for an invasion of muslims?

    When the government took their guns, they also took their fortitude.

  2. The EU and their mandated islamic immigration built this.

    Europe has willingly surrendered their individual Nationalities for the sake of One World Dominance to be directed and led by the Elite.

    Europeans have become sheep, those who speak against the elitist agenda are vilified, jailed or silenced permanently.

  3. Not hard at all to imagine how, after the butchery of their best males in World War I and the existential terror of World War II, the British (and many on Europe) could so easily believe the comfortable lie of nascent socialism and attainable utopia. They figured they’d earned it, having gone through the big fire twice.

    But here they are, emptied of all they once were and being conquered in slow motion.

  4. Those countries who are still fighting for National Freedom and self determination are Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Denmark, Hungary and Romania.
    The EU will fight them every step to force Islamic immigration upon all European Union member states and citizens.
    History will show that the EU is forcing assisted suicide of Europe.

  5. And….another Muslim hate march designed to paralyze central London and scare away tourists.
    Now the Muzzies are blaming “Da Jewwwwwwwsss” for the Grenfell Towers fire.
    Accusing Da Jews of deliberate arson and mass murder.
    The mosques plan it, preach it, organize the march and send their rabid footsoldiers out to terrorize the Infidel and claim all his public spaces for Islam.

    A YUGE chunk of London’s economy is surprisingly dependent on tourism, mostly Americans. Killing the tourist industry, threatening to kill it if not appeased, is an obvious leverage against both the U.K. Government and multinational corporations.

  6. And a white guy runs his car into a group of muzzles at a mosque is immediatetely called islamophobia, but muzzies killing whites while shouting allah akbar get a pass on being called terrorsts. Britain is lost.

  7. I’m 100% German descent (related to Norman Schwarzkopf) and I can’t tell you how this I affecting me even though I was born in the beautiful land of the free. WHAT ARE THEY THINKING or not thinking? I can’t wrap my mind around the fact that Merkel argues that the population needs an influx of non-natives to boost the economy and birth rate and the answer to that is open the flood gates to third-world troglodytes!
    They don’t care about the beautiful 13th century icons and churches that dot the landscape and the rich history of the land!! They want to pillaged and plunder, rape and murder, conquer and savage. It’s just gross. I’d like to see the numbers of tourists that have decided to stay here versus travel abroad – talking about the economy and all…

  8. We just did a ‘personal/professional check-in’ at work. Because that’s the type of place where I work. One of the guys said he is vacationing in July, doing the ‘ISIS tour’ – London and Paris. 🙂

  9. All the bullshit that has permeated society since the turn of the millennium has come about through the nonsense of “MULTI-CULTURALISM”.

    The idea, in my opinion, is to force different people to live with each other in the hopes that we’ll all get pushed to the point of a shooting civil war. This is what the global elite wants. This way they can cause the problem, provide the fix for the problem under the falsity of maintaining our ‘safety’, while feathering their own bed with profiteering from the strife that comes along the way.

    Multiculturalism by nature and definition, is divisive. It’s also very purposeful.

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