Water Skiing With Mirrors

The legislature in Wisconsin sent a bill for Governor Scot Walker’s signature that will allow boaters to pull skiers without a spotter. So long as the boat has a mirror with a wide enough view, they figure the driver can both watch his skier and steer the powerboat, safely.


This is all going to end in tears.

20 Comments on Water Skiing With Mirrors

  1. great video PC.
    It is high time that stupid spotter rule was eliminated.
    Most good ski boats have a huge mirror on the dash.

  2. The Colorado in Yuma is the only place I deal with this, and if you don’t have a spotter you might kill the Skier. There’s just too much traffic and Drinking on the River to not have a lookout !

  3. I water skied when I was a teen. It was a Chris Craft wood boat. I think.
    And a Glastron can’t remember which model though

  4. I am a water skier. No way am I going skiing without a spotter. Too many other ding-dongs on the water. I want the driver to watch the water and the spotter watching me. On a busy day, I want that flag up post-haste if/when I go down.

  5. Why don’t snow skiers have spotters, too? After all, snow’s just frozen water.

    It’s that whole boat thing, isn’t it?

    For that matter, since they don’t have boats, why don’t snow skiers have Sno-cats to pull them? Think of how much faster they could go. Especially uphill.

    I get a lot of good ideas like this. I ought to start writing some of them down.



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