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Wax Museum Fails



Actually, the Graham one is amazing.

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  1. Looks like Tiger is wearing a poncho. He must be pissed.

    Whoopy look like the smart woman (?) in”Planet of the Apes”
    Bubba looks queer.

  2. Whoopi looks like a POW from the Planet of the Apes, Tiger Woods is spot-on, Clinton looks Japanese, Julia Roberts looks like a tranny, Diana looks like Barbie after a cheap haircut, Nixon looks like Rich Little doing Nixon. Graham ought to be a sun-warmed, red-clay-dusted watermelon with a hole in one end… the back.

  3. “Don’t insult me! I have no need for references! I have a photographic memory! Allow me to demonstrate!…”

    Jeez, what pieces of shit.

  4. Hilarious!
    Is it just me, or do they all look like ventriloquist’s dummies?
    Does ‘Tiger Woods’ have the AIDS?

  5. We here in the great state of SC have accepted LLL. Graham for years, it’s his claim to be a conservative that bothers us.
    The governor is more of a man than Lindsey.

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